Monday, November 30, 2015

Step Sister skips black friday shopping to watch me masturbate

Debbie came by late morning and said she didn't want to deal with the crowds shopping so she figured it would be fun to tease me while she watches me masturbate. She made me tell her all about my current situation, which she found fucking hilarious. She told me that I was the main topic of conversation on thanksgiving day, how her and her sisters and her mother talked about me almost exclusively all day long. We talked about when we were teens and all of them used tease and make fun of me for being the little skinny loser that I was. She told me how much fun she had teasing me and "accidentally" showing me her hot naked body, knowing that it would make go and masturbate. That I would be fantasizing about her as I jerked off was so fucking hilarious to her that she just had to tell all of her friends about it. Her and her her sisters and her mother knew that they were all smoking hot and they loved to tease and humiliate me for being so skinny and geeky. They were always competing to see who could make me masturbate the most and who could humiliate me the most. She laughed as I told her all the details about how much I beat off because of her, I admitted that I was such a fucking loser that I had no Idea they were doing it all on purpose and she almost fell on the floor she was laughing so hard so had tears running down her face. She really got a rush out of making sure everyone knew all about my chronic masturbation and watching me as I would try to talk to girls not knowing that Debbie had told them how much of a stroker slut I was. The way that the girls would laugh in my face for being a compulsive masturbator and I had no idea why every girl was like that to me was so fucking much fun to her.

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