Thursday, July 20, 2017

I love jerking off on meth!!

 I feel like I am filled with the energy of orgasm, riding the edge, becoming part of the energy. Like if I point at someone electricity would shoot out of me and into them. It feels like the energy I have merged with gives me life, I am a part of it and it is part of me. There is nothing else that matters, never was, all I can ever hope to be is intertwined with this pure ecstasy. I can't believe that anything anywhere could feel this incredible, my hand gets my cock to make me feel like I never want to do anything but masturbate. That's all I will do, my life is dedicated to the masturbatorial arts!!! I fucking love it way to much to stop!!! This is the ultimate in absolute pleasure, I can't accurately describe even a little bit of how fucking insane it feels to get spun and jack off... I am hopelessly addicted to this!!! I hope everyone gets to find out how insanely mind blowing this is!!!
Fuck yeah, my fist is pounding so fucking hard up and down on my rock hard cock!!!
I fucking love this!!!!! 

Mostly by myself, with occasional visits with step sisters....

I fucking love waking up knowing I'm going to masturbate all day long!!! Just me stroking my cock and enjoying the fuck out of every stroke!! The feeling of my hand going up and down my cock is amazing!! No where near edging, just stroking up and down, I fucking love masturbating!!
My step sister Debbie walked in and teased me real fucking hard with her amazing body! After about an hour she told that her class reunion was this weekend and she would probably bring some old friends over to see me!! She stuck my face between her perfect tits for a minute and then she got dressed and left... I am so fucking horny for her, I want to fuck her so fucking bad, I always have...
My step sisters have always been smoking hot!!! Always been better than me, way, way, way, out of my league... I still often fantasize about fucking them!! And they know it!!!! I sometimes fantasize that I wasn't a huge fucking loser when I came to live with them, and that I was cool enough to actually fuck them. But I am now and have always been a huge fucking loser....
Back to seriously pounding on my cock!!!! I fucking love jacking off and will never, ever, stop!!!

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Back to masturbating by and for myself all the time!!!

I am no longer anyone's slave.... that may/will probably change at some point but until then I am loving jacking off by myself all day and all night!!!
I have great stories to write for y'all!!!


OK I admit I'm a pathetic masturbator, and I will do as you say and stroke myself stupid(er)....