Thursday, March 26, 2015

Pounding my hand pussy with my fuck stick!!

Mercilessly abusing my cock today!! Pounding it hard and fast!!! Fuck yeah I love it!! The punishment I give to my cock should probably cause some sort of injury, but it feels incredible while I do it, and it keeps working!! Fuck this is going to be  mind ripping orgasm, i can fucking feel it... holy shit, this is going to be a big one!!!
Some of the porn that has helped make this orgasm so intense:

She needed a good fucking!!

She stepped closer and put my face between her tits, holy shit I almost came instantly! I couldn't believe  I was going to get to fuck her smoking hot body! She told me what she expected and what she wanted. She made sure I understood that I better live up to her expectations, and if I didn't she would put me through hell. If I did manage to perform acceptably, she was still going to treat me like the loser I am, and I was going to have to pay her for getting to put my dick in her.
She pushed me onto the floor and sat on my face, I went to town on her pussy and soon she was moaning loudly and shaking all over. I made her cum several times in a row each one stronger than the last. She was crying from cumming so hard when she said she wanted to get fucked, she began almost begging me to stick my dick in her. I shoved my cock in her mouth and fucked her face for a minute. Then pulled my cock out and smacked her face with it as she continued begging me to fuck her. I got her to agree to let me do whatever I wanted to her, without asking what that meant. All I could think about was that I was going to fuck her in the ass, real, real, hard!!!
I fucked her every which way we could think of, she got fucked hard, and well, and had a great time. She had cum for like the 15th time when i rolled her over, held her arms behind her back and told her I wanted to fuck her ass as I slid my cock up her ass!! She tried to resist at first, tried to say I wasn't allowed to, and after she realized I had tricked her and there was nothing she could do she went with it. She took it like a trooper, moaning with pleasure as I fucked her ass hard enough to make her cum a couple more times!!!
When I was done fucking her she lit a cigarette and, as calmly as she could, told me that I had done an alright job fucking her. However I was still a pathetic jerk off slut and I had to go get the money i owed her for the privilege of fucking her, and I had to go get it totally naked!!

She is pissed off when she wakes up and catches me staring at her tits and jerking off!!

I was scared of what she was going to do to me, or make me do, as punishment. Then she smiled from ear to ear as she told me how she thinks I have a great cock and how she wishes I wasn't such a fucking loser jerk off artist. She got up and went to make herself a drink and she came back and stood before me and took off her pants and stood in front of me naked and asked me what I thought of her body. As I told her how much I liked her body she teased me, rubbing her tits together, bending over and smiling at me. She made it clear that she was out of my league and then she said something that caught me off guard, she said that I better prove that i am worthy and that she letting me fuck her, she was getting serviced, and it better be awesome.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Just a bate addicted jack-tard....

I love how it feels to stroke my cock, not edging, just stroking.. been doing this for a couple of hours now.. just stroking, at a slow to medium speed. loving every stroke!!! I wonder why I haven't always beat off as much as I do now, I feel kind of like I wasted part of my life.. All those years I could have been jacking off all day, every day... I love looking at naked girls!!! Dreaming about touching them and how I would like to fuck them. Then again, I think I like to masturbate more than I like to actually fuck. I don't have to worry or deal with anybody else's physical needs or wants. It's only me and my cock!!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Another all night session of beating the fucking shit out of my cock!!!

Fuck yeah!! I fucking love jacking off!!! Looking at porn is making me so fucking horny!!! Here is some of what I'm jacking to right now!!!
I'm so close to cumming!!!  fuck, fuck, fuck YES!!! I LOVE IT!!! I FUCKING LOVE BEATING OFF!!

She continued to humiliate me all day, making sure everyone knew I am a pathetic hand humping, fist fucking, stroker slut!!

She ferociously degraded and humiliated me as we walked the couple blocks to my place. We stopped by a semi out of the way atm so I could get her some money, as we got close it she told me to go around the corner, into the alley behind the building and take all my clothes off. Then I had to use the atm naked as she watched and laughed at me. After I got the money I started to go back to put my clothes on and she said I had to give her my wallet and keys to carry for me and to leave my clothes in the ally so she could watch me try to walk the rest of the way home completely naked in the middle of the day!! On the way home she let me know how much she thought I was a fucking loser  as I ducked behind bushes and cars to avoid getting caught. She used with her phone to take pictures and videos of my nude trek home, she thought it was hilarious that my cock was rock hard the whole time!!!

After we got to my place she had me make her a mostly rum an coke and began calling her friends while she made fun of me as she watched me beating off. She had finished off a large bottle of rum in about an hour, then she switched to jack Daniels and coke. She was having a great time laughing her ass off while I humiliated myself by showing her all my favorite ways to masturbate. She got a real kick out of getting me to admit all the embarrassing and shameful details of how much of a absolutely worthless, fucking pathetic, constant, chronic, jerk off artist I truly am!! She recorded the most humiliating ways I beat off for her, letting me know that she couldn't believe how big of a loser I am. As she got drunk she wanted me to talk about what I thought of her and the friends she was with at the store. I told her how how hot I think her friends are then I admitted that I think she is totally smoking fucking hot!! I could feel my face turning red as I am fucking my fleshlight in front of her as I tell her how turned on by her I am.

I was to embarrassed to look her in the face and was watching my cock pumping in and out of my fleshlight for a couple of minutes and when I looked up at her she had taken her top off! Her tits are nice and big and super perky for how big they are. She started rubbing them together and telling me that she liked watching me masturbating. She also told me there was no way a fucking bate tard like me was going to touch someone as hot as her. Holy fuck she has great tits, I can't take my eyes off of them as I start having great difficulties holding back from spraying cum everywhere. She can tell I'm having problems and asks me what is wrong. I tell her nothing is wrong, I'm just finding it difficult to keep from cumming. The shame of having to admit that to her almost pushes me over the edge, she thinks it's funny and moves closer to me. Now her tits are just a couple of inches in front of my face, holy fuck she has great tits!!! She is teasing me so hard with her tits!!! She is also slurring her words from all the alcohol she drank. It's not too long till she passes out with her top still off. I continue jacking off looking at her magnificent tits just about a foot away from me!!!!

What happens after that is another blog post......

Thursday, March 12, 2015

More tugging on my fuck stick!!!

Here is some more of what I am jerking off with....

I got humiliated by a stranger, in a crowded store, for being a pathetic chronic masturbator!!!

I was in the store to by some more astroglide so I could fuck my blow-up doll and my fleshlight. As I was getting the astroglide from the shelf I heard several girls laughing and I turned to see what was going on and they were standing at the end of the aisle and looking right at me and laughing their asses off. One of the girls pointed at me and said "That is the jack off guy" and then bust out laughing. I could feel my face getting red when the girl told me to come talk to them, as I walked down the aisle towards them they were whispering to each other and laughing. When I got to where they were standing the same girl asks me if  it was me in the videos that my stepmother showed to everyone in the bar. She made me admit that it was me and that my stepmother is right, I am a fucking pathetic jerk off who does nothing but constantly masturbate!! They started laughing hysterically when they saw that I had astroglide and that was all I was there to buy. I started to walk to the cashier but they kept blocking me as they made me answer humiliating personal questions they made sure everyone heard them ask. They made me answer just as loud and teased me about how embarrassed I was getting. By the time I got to the cash register everyone in the store had heard me say that I was going home to masturbate, and that is what I was going to use the astroglide for. They also made me say that I do nothing all day except jerk off. I had to admit I thought they were pretty fucking hot and how I would most likely be fantasizing about them when I got home and beat off.

I was totally humiliated in front of everyone in the store, and it was pretty busy there must have been at least 50 people.. The girl who recognized me and pointed me out made me pay her to watch me jack off when we left the store... I will be posting more about her soon!!!

I've been fucking my hand pussy pretty hard all morning....

Another day in paradise!! Been beating off since early in the morning, I wanted to share some of what I have been 'bating to today!! I also have some more stories of my getting humiliated that I will be posting.... until then enjoy these smoking hot babes!!!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Does masturbation keep you up late at night and make you get up early to start again!!!

I don't want to stop beating off so I keep going till I just can't help but fall asleep, then I wake up early and start masturbating again!!! I don't get more than 3 or 4 hours of sleep a night... If I'm not sleeping I'm jacking off, and I'd much rather jack off than sleep!!!

Is your daily stroking the most awesome fucking thing you've ever done??

There is never a dull moment while I am masturbating. I am fucking in love with how every day I reach higher levels of pleasure from beating off. Some days are real intense as I furiously pound on my cock and edge over and over, other days it's just the feeling of my hand slowly going up and down my cock. No matter what type or style of masturbation, it gets better every day. It feels better today than it did yesterday, and yesterday I fucked the fucking shit out of my blow-up doll and my FleshLight!! I've been stroking at a moderate pace so far today, fucking loving every second of it!!!

This is the only way to be!! Constantly masturbating, every stroke feels more fucking unbelievable, there is no fucking way I could ever stop doing this!!!