Thursday, March 26, 2015

She is pissed off when she wakes up and catches me staring at her tits and jerking off!!

I was scared of what she was going to do to me, or make me do, as punishment. Then she smiled from ear to ear as she told me how she thinks I have a great cock and how she wishes I wasn't such a fucking loser jerk off artist. She got up and went to make herself a drink and she came back and stood before me and took off her pants and stood in front of me naked and asked me what I thought of her body. As I told her how much I liked her body she teased me, rubbing her tits together, bending over and smiling at me. She made it clear that she was out of my league and then she said something that caught me off guard, she said that I better prove that i am worthy and that she letting me fuck her, she was getting serviced, and it better be awesome.

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