Monday, March 2, 2015

Is your daily stroking the most awesome fucking thing you've ever done??

There is never a dull moment while I am masturbating. I am fucking in love with how every day I reach higher levels of pleasure from beating off. Some days are real intense as I furiously pound on my cock and edge over and over, other days it's just the feeling of my hand slowly going up and down my cock. No matter what type or style of masturbation, it gets better every day. It feels better today than it did yesterday, and yesterday I fucked the fucking shit out of my blow-up doll and my FleshLight!! I've been stroking at a moderate pace so far today, fucking loving every second of it!!!

This is the only way to be!! Constantly masturbating, every stroke feels more fucking unbelievable, there is no fucking way I could ever stop doing this!!!


  1. You are exactly right - it just gets better and better! Every day of masturbating is better than the one before. I'm a fist-fucking beatoff!!

  2. Aged over 60 I confirm that each session is better than the previous one. I never stopped masturbating since I was five years old and carry on hours on end daily. So is in fact as you say every stroke always better ... it's true that stroking slowly all the time, all day long, is, in a way, as wonderful as edging; It's different but so pleasurable.


  3. I love your little paragraphs about abusing your cock. They often fuel my desire to abuse my pussy! Thanks for being so descriptive about what you do to yourself. I find that I need to know how men masturbate so that I can get off to them. I love to imagine how good it feels for you while I am pleasing my 45-year old farmgirl cunt. Keep stroking and writing about it. Masturbating is the best thing.


    1. Thanks for this comment!! I can't accurately describe how fucking horny you are making me!! My cock is super hard thinking about you masturbating while reading my blog!! Oh shit I think I'm going to explode!! You've got me so I can't hold it back!!! Masturbating really is the best thing, I can't stop pounding my fist up and down my cock!!
      Thanks Again for the comment and super duper thanks for making it impossible to keep from exploding cum everywhere!!! This one is for you, fuck yes, I'm about to... oh shit, oh shit, her it is... fuck yes, I'm cumming, im cumming, fuck me, yes im cumming !!!!!