Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Just a bate addicted jack-tard....

I love how it feels to stroke my cock, not edging, just stroking.. been doing this for a couple of hours now.. just stroking, at a slow to medium speed. loving every stroke!!! I wonder why I haven't always beat off as much as I do now, I feel kind of like I wasted part of my life.. All those years I could have been jacking off all day, every day... I love looking at naked girls!!! Dreaming about touching them and how I would like to fuck them. Then again, I think I like to masturbate more than I like to actually fuck. I don't have to worry or deal with anybody else's physical needs or wants. It's only me and my cock!!!!


  1. I sometimes feel that I wasted a part of my life too. I'm 68 years old and I started my masturbation career at 11. I've always beat off a lot but about 10 years I really got down to the business of increasing my addiction to masturbation. My life now is pretty much all masturbation. I'm very proud of my addiction and I wouldn't have it any other way but sometime I wish I had gotten seriously addicted earlier in life.

    1. I agree, I wonder why I didn't always like jacking off as much as I do now. I could have spent all those years in the awesome glow of orgasmic energy that I live for and totally consumes me now. I'm just glad I finally did realize how fucking amazing masturbation really can be and have dedicated the rest of my life to doing nothing else!!! Keep on stroking!!!