Friday, January 8, 2016

Would you be interested in jerking off with me and other followers??

I would like to have group jerk off sessions, maybe using google hangouts or skype or?? Does this interest anybody?? If so when are you available??? I think it would be awesome to do this on a regular basis...

Please tell me what you think in the comments....

Thursday, January 7, 2016

I'm suprised I haven't broke my cock from jacking off so hard!!!

Holy fuck I've been pounding on my cock so fucking hard!! I love getting tweaked and just beating off real hard!!! I love gooning for days at a time, it is fucking incredible feeling jacking off while doing meth!!!! I can't get over how much better masturbation is on meth!! This is my mission, my purpose, my calling in life and I am never going to stop!!!

Goals for 2016...

1. Continue my devotion to masturbation.

2. Get even better at edging my cock!!

3. Get as many people as possible to start edging!!

4. Get people to masturbate more.

5. Masturbate in front of more people than last year!!

6. Tweak everyday for better masturbation!!

Monday, January 4, 2016

More great masturbation material!!

I like your style!!
Wish this was real!!
Yes, yes it is!!
I jerk off more than that!!!

Enjoy some jerk material!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

By far the best sexual experience of my life, masturbating on meth!!

I am not condoning or encouraging drug use, but holy fucking shit, this has been an event on a religious level, a life changing type thing. I had what was an almost out of body experience, I know I will never be the same and will be jacking off on meth regularly. It's felt like I left my body and became one with the orasmic feeling from edging, like me and that energy merged and I was not just feeling it but actually was it.
It started with a knock on the door, I went to the door with my dick still in my Fleshlight. A real cute brunette I had never seen before was standing there, she said she was a friend of Ashley's and asked if she could come in. Of course I let her in, she sat on the couch and told me how she had heard about me from Ashley and she just had to see for herself if I was really like what Ashley told her. I was sitting on a chair fucking my Fleshlight and asked her what she thought, she said she couldn't believe it and that she was really loving the show so far. A few minutes later she asked if I wanted to get high, when I asked on what, she said she had some meth. I thought what the hell, and as we all know I couldn't say no to her even if I wanted to. She pulled out a glass pipe and we smoked a bit and holy fucking shit almost immediately I was having the most intense sexual experience I've ever had.
I was soon fucking my blow-up sex doll doggy style in front of her as she cheered me on, I fucked that doll so hard it till it finaly popped a hole and deflated. Next I pumped my fist up and down my cock for her and while she was staring at my cock I was staring at her tits. When she finaly looked up and caught me staring at her awesome tits she smiled from ear to ear. she pulled out her pipe again and we smoked some more. While smoking she caught me looking at her tits a couple more times, I apologized for being such a pig and said I would try not to stare anymore, as we finished smoking she grinned at me as she took off her shirt and said I could stare all I wanted to!! She fondled her round, firm, ample breasts for a few minutes for me, I had to take my had completely off my cock to keep from exploding everywhere!! I started stroking again and couldn't help but maon and groan rather loudly as rode that edge while staring at her fucking tits. I showed her every way that I jack off that I could think of and she wanted to see more.
The next time we smoked some more I had the Fleshlight stuffed under the couch cushion she was sitting on, so it was almost like I was fucking her and she was sitting so as went balls deep it push her back a little so her tits would bounce with every pump. When we finished smoking she grabbed her ankles and spread her legs wide and started moaning and groaning like she was getting fucked and it wasn't long till I had to pull my dick completely out of the Fleshlight to keep from cumming!! I sat on the chair again and resumed fucking my fist while I answered all the questions she kept asking.
We decided to go to Spanky's to get us some new toys, I got a new blow-up sex doll and she got a vibrator, which she used on the ride back to my place. When we got back to my place she sat on the couch and said she wanted me to fuck my blow-up dol in what ever position she was fucking her vibrator and also fuck at the same speed. She leaned back at started fucking herself in a missionary type position so I started fucking my sex doll the same way, Soon she was really pounding her pussy with that vibrator and I was fucking my doll the same way, stroke for stroke matching her speed. She named her vibrator after me and I named mine after her so we were both moaning and groaning each others names as we watched each other masturbating. We both did our best to put on a great show for each other and we were soon both moaning fairly loud, she changed positions and i could see her tits again when she started moaning she was cumming and her body started shaking. She arched her back and you could see the orgasm waves go through her as she twitched and rolled around. Seeing her cum was fucking awesome and after she recovered for a few minutes she started telling me how to fuck the doll and pretend it was her. She fondled her tits for me as she told me to fuck her harder, she put my face between her tits and told me to fuck her harder. I was fucking that doll about as hard as I could, moaning and groaning her name and watching her tease me with her super hot body. I was getting near the biggest fucking orgasm in my life and I made sure she knew it. She played with her tits about a foot in front of me and I was about to cum, she told me to cum all over the dolls face, I asked if she would rather see me cum on my own face and said I should cum on the dolls face. I pulled out of the dolls pussy and stroked my throbbing cock as I sprayed cum all over the dolls face. I was totally wiped out and my body was shaking from the fucking mind blowing, life altering, soul shaking, orgasm I had just experienced.
She was clapping and cheering me on as I was cumming and when I was done she said that was one of the coolest things she has seen. She started putting on her clothes and when she had only her pants on she saw that I was pounding my fist up and down my cock and staring at her tits again. She was amused at how much of a total jerk off loser I really am, she put my face between her tits one more time and once again I almost exploded instantly. She finished getting dressed and we smoked some more meth one last time.
After she left I began abusing the fuck out of my cock, I'm almost surprised I didn't pull the thing off I was pounding it so fucking hard!! I've been riding the edge ever since then, almost 36 hours ago and I'm still high as fuck and can't believe how fucking crazy insane that masturbating on meth feels, holy fuck! I don't think I'll ever be the same, it's that powerful, I can't deny it and I can't see any way to not do this regularly from now on. This has been by far the best sexual experience I've ever had in my whole life, if you took all the orgasms I've had before and smashed them into one orgasm it still wouldn't be anywhere near what I'm feeling right now.
 I would not encourage people to use illegal drugs, however I can say that it is so fucking amazing that you really should check it out, at least once.