Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Neighbor comes over to ask me to get them some alcohol and sees the massive boner she caused!!

My smoking hot new neighbor Beth came over and asked if I would buy her and her girlfriend some liquor as they both just turned 19..

Saturday, December 15, 2012

neighbor comes by again and once more almost catches me beating off!!

I had just got back from the store and had to go piss, so I was taking off my clothes while pissing when I heard a knocking at the door. I put my clothes back on and went to the door and it was the neighbour and her girlfriend. She introduced herself as Vicki and her girlfriends name is Beth, they were both wearing super tiny bikinis and I was super embarrassed when I couldn't hide the massive erection they gave me. After a few minutes of small talk they said they were going to lay in the yard and get some sun.
I couldn't believe it when they started working on their tan in full view of my front door. Both of them are smoking hot and had string bikinis on and are laying in the sun and I am sitting on my couch beating off watching them... I pretty sure they knew I was watching them and beating off to their fucking gorgeous tits...  

It didn't take long for neighbour to tell every female in the building about me!!

I can hear them laughing as she tells everyone who will listen that she walked in on me jerking off. I went to the corner store and saw a couple of smoking hot young girls smoking by the corner of the building and they burst out laughing as soon as they saw me..

New neighbour walks up and catches me beating off

I moved to a smaller place and had the screen door latched open so I could easily carry stuff in. The last box was some of my fuck toys and I was getting naked as I walked through the door.

Videos of friend watching me beat off

Here are two links to videos of me on xtube!! 


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

After being gone for a month Jill orders me to be like a naked taxi driver for her friends!!

One of Jill's friends got a dui and to keep anything like that from happening again she ordered me to drive any of her friends, anywhere they want to go, any time they want to go, for free, and I have to be totally naked at all times!! Just like when I drove them around previously, unless told otherwise, I am to get out and open the doors for them while completely nude!
At first it was every couple of days one of them would call to be taken to a bar usually at night.. They also didn't want me to get out and open their doors when I first pick them up, but by the end of the night when they were drunk they insisted on me opening their doors so they could tease me while I'm standing there naked!! Soon it was every night and I was taken different girls different places at the same time. Then they wanted me to take them places during the day, to work and/or school, and/or shopping, and/or the beach. It was always fun to take them to the beach as they are all super fine and their bikini's are super small and they love to tease me with their smoking hot bodies!!
The amount of gas I go through is becoming obscene and it is not always easy to find a gas station where I won't get caught filling the tank with no clothes on!!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Jill and I spend intimate afternoon together...

It was around 11:00am when Jill came into the bedroom wearing only a pair of boy-shorts, seeing her fucking incredible tits almost made me cum instantly.

Jill throws a big farewell party and makes me stay in my bedroom..

She made me stay in the room all day, and her party started early around 6:00pm.. I sat on a chair with no lights on and fucked my fleshlight for a while.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Jill decides that I need to be totally and absolutely humiliated during her last weekend living with me!!

She started by having me masturbate using different toys and video recording it with her phone. I was told to talk about what a loser jerk off I am while she recorded me masturbating. She then has me get dressed and we go out to get a drink at a bar near her work. We sit at the bar with her next to a pretty hot woman I've never seen before. After a bit she begins chatting with the woman, I am instantly fucking humiliated as I hear her tell the lady that I am a lame ass chronic masturbator.

Jill and friends go out drinking for the night and I have to drive, totally nude, including opening and closing the car doors for them at every stop...

Jill told me I was going to be the designated driver for the whole night, well that and loser jerk off boy, of course. All her friends are smoking fucking hot and all under 21, but they have fake ID's, although they rarely get carded because of how gorgeous they are. Jill made me pull up in front of each bar or night club they went to and get out, and go around and open the doors for the ladies, completely nude, with a rock hard cock!! Every place we went had either a line to get in or people out front smoking cigarettes who all cheered and laughed as I held the doors open. I then got back in the suv and found a place nearby and waited for them to come out so I could pick them up, again getting out and opening the doors for the ladies. 

Jill freaks out when she finds out I fucked her friend!!

Holy shit, did she freak out!! She talked to her friends mother and immediately beat my ass with a riding crop!! I was then put into one on the closets in the house and told I was not allowed to come out until I was told to.. When I had to go to the restroom I had to get Jills attention then beg for permission. I was brought food whenever she felt like being nice, usually at least once a day, but never anything that didn't taste fucking horrible.

I sat in the closet and beat off in the total darkness for almost a month before I was allowed out... I was not given any lube or toys, it was just my naked ass, in the dark, furiously beating off..

After I was let out she beat my ass black and blue again and I knew she was serious when she said she was just getting started punishing me.....

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Her mother comes back the next day.

She knocked this time although she could see what I was doing through the open front door. I said come in and she opened the screen door, came in and sat in the chair closest to me, never taking her eyes off of my hand pumping up and down on my rock hard cock. She then asked that I not contact her daughter, as she is only 18, and needs to concentrate on graduating. I agreed with her on what her daughters priorities should be, that I had no way to contact her even if I wanted to seemed irrelevant. She thanked me for understanding, still staring at my cock as I stroked it. There was a long silence as she watched me masturbate, after about 10 min I asked if she was enjoying what she was seeing. Her face turned bright red and she stood up and said she had to leave, thanking me again, but not specifying what she was thanking me for as she walked out the door...

Her mom walks in as I am pounding her daughter from behind!!

She just walked into the house without knocking and there was her daughter right in the front room getting pounded hard from behind. She yelled what the fuck are you doing?? I thought it was the dumbest question ever, but I tried not to laugh.. The daughter dove for her clothes and her mother screamed at her the whole time she was getting dressed. During the whole episode her mother was looking at my rock hard cock and she never spoke a word directly to me. They left and I resumed masturbating.....

Thursday, May 17, 2012

I've been fucking this chick for almost three days!!!

Holy shit this chick can fuck!! We have been going at it pretty much constantly since we started a few nights ago!! I have abused that pussy for real, and she loves it and just keeps wanting more. I not kidding when I say that pussy has been seriously pounded, real, real, hard!!!
She told her boyfriend to fuck off and never call her again and she has worked her mom into being ok with her not coming home, it's impressive stuff!!
Did I mention she just turned 18?? I also may have forgot to tell y'all about her fucking awesome tits!! Holy shit she is fucking smoking hot!!!

Fuck yeah I'm going to keep pounding on this pussy till someone makes me stop!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Jill gone again, her friend come ove to check on me, and stays to get fucked really hard!!

Jill asked a different friend to check on me from time to time. Her friend walked in as I was fucking my fleshlight, I had it shoved between the cushion and the couch and was pretending like I was fucking a girl from behind.. After she stopped laughing at me she sat down and started asking a lot of questions. After about an hour of sitting on the couch across the room from the chair she was sitting in, she came over and sat next to me on the couch. She told me to wedge the fleshlight in the couch right in front of her and wanted me to fuck the shot out of it.. About a minute into me doing this she begins removing her clothes and starts teasing me as I'm fucking my fleshlight just inches away from her naked body. She asked if I would fuck her like as hard as I was fucking the fleshlight, I assured her I would probably fuck her even harder.
She slid down a little and pulled her legs back and spread wide apart and told me to remove the fleshlight and to start fucking her. I slide my cock in and start pumping hard when I notice her damn near perfect tits bouncing in front of me. Holy Shit I can't get over how fucking great her tits are and it almost makes me cum!! I slowed way down and regained control, then I flipped her over and fucked her from behind. I fucked her hard, my balls smacking against her clit, her ass rippling from the impact. I pull her hair back hard and look over to see me fucking her in the mirror, her back arched, tits bouncing!! I pulled her around so I could pile drive her in front of the couch, and she was howling as I pummeled her mercilessly.. I fucked her every which way I could and by the time we took a break in was well into the evening and she told me she was going to be in trouble because she was supposed to meet her boyfriend for dinner. This is the mention I've heard of any boyfriend and figured I was about to be masturbating again, holy fuck was I wrong!! She sits on my lap facing me and begins stroking my cock while she calls her boyfriend and tells him she is helping a friend study for a big test and will call him in the morning. She moves closer and slides my cock in and begins riding me as she calls her mom and tells her the same bs about helping a friend study and that she will be stayig the night with her friend. She hangs up the phone and begins riding real hard on my cock, telling me that I am not even close to being done fucking her.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Enjoying the simple, pure, incredible pleasure of masturbation

Just the way it feels as my hand glides up and down my cock is fucking incredible!!! I've been sitting here all day just loving the feeling of stroking my cock, all alone, all day!! Just relaxing and beating my meat all day, i love it!!

Jill won't be home for three more days!!!

I've been masturbating in peace and tranquility for a week now!! One of Jill's friends stopped by a couple of times to check on me, she stayed a little longer each visit but it was cool, we just sat and talked, well she just sat, I continued to beat off. Other than that I've been able to masturbate in peace and quite which takes some getting used to I must admit!! 

Monday, April 23, 2012

More Pics I'm Jerking Off To (part 3)

I think I found a better way to do this , at least for now, I put all of the pics from the "More Pics I'm Jerking Off To" posts onto a page of their own, you can find on the side bar, or just click here: Masturbation Pics

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Here's a look at some of what I'm beating off to right now!!

Hope you enjoy these as much as I am!!!

 More after the jump... I've been jerking off looking at these for the last few hours!!!!

Checkout my new Masturbation Motivators page

Here's a sample:

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Since Wendy left Jill is enjoying being in charge..

Jill is very much enjoying being in total control of me!! She loves being cruel, passing up no opportunity to humiliate me because I masturbate constantly!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Thoughts on being a chronic, constant masturbator..

Having the girls make fun of me about how fucking hilariously pathetic I looked standing up there masturbating  for the whole world to see how much of a chronic masturbator I truly am made me think... There is no denying

Forced to stand completely naked on top of hill behind ranch and masturbate with my fleshlight all day!!

It was around eight in the morning when I was taken to the top of a hill behind the ranch and told to stand there and masturbate with my fleshlight until they come back to gt me. I had a gallon of water, a bottle of astroglide,

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Girls talk Jill into letting me cum, then Jill decides to see how many times I can cum in a day!!

A couple of the girls at the ranch wanted to see how funny I looked when I cum, at first Jill was not liking the

Forced to sit totally naked and masturbate out in the open at highway rest stops!!

On the way to Jill's friends ranch they decided it would be fun to stop at all the highway rest stops and have me masturbate out in the open.. The first few stops weren't too bad as it was early in the morning before the sun

Friday, January 6, 2012

Jill takes me to friends house to show off how pathetic I look when I fuck my FleshLight!!

There were a couple of Jill's friends there to get a good laugh out of me fucking the shit out of my FleshLight.

On the rare occasions I am allowed to cum it is usually Wendy and almost never Jill who allows it...

Jill vary rarely gives me permission to cum and enjoys watching me suffer as she teases me mercilessly every chance she gets. Orgasm denial is absolute and she fucking loves to tease and tease while laughing right in my

I now have to fuck a inflatable sex doll while I watch the girls get fucked!!

I think it was Jill that started having me fuck the blow up sex doll while I watched her get fucked, now it is a standing rule of life. There's no way they would let me just fuck the doll while watching from across the room, I