Friday, January 6, 2012

Jill takes me to friends house to show off how pathetic I look when I fuck my FleshLight!!

There were a couple of Jill's friends there to get a good laugh out of me fucking the shit out of my FleshLight.
Jill showed them her favorite ways to torture me and had a fucking great time making me humiliate myself for her and her friends entertainment. They laughed in my face as I did everything they told me to do and my suffering made them laugh harder. It was difficult to be doing humiliating things to myself as they got more and more into it, coming up with new ideas for what they made me do as they laughed at me for doing the things they told me to. My suffering made them want to see even more of my pathetic chronic masturbation, they wanted details and secrets about my fantasies and my masturbation habits and preferences. They made me pay for every secret they forced me to admit, by the end of the day they were whipping my ass with a riding crop and talking about how fun it would be to watch one of the girls put on a large strap-on dido and fuck me real hard. then they decided it would be even more fun to watch me get fucked by a man!! It wasn't long until a male friend of theirs was holding the back of me head as he slapped my face with his large rock hard cock. He beat my face with his cock for a few minutes and I was getting more and more afraid that any second he was going to be fucking my mouth with his giant cock. They stopped him from shoving his cock down my throat just in the nick of time, he wasn't very happy and when they were not paying me much attention he pushed my head down to the ground and slid his cock down the crack of my ass and firmly pushed his cock against my asshole, not enough to go in, but enough to let me know what it would feel like. He whispered in my ear that he had to stop this time but he was going to enjoy fucking me real soon!!! It wasn't long till I found out that I have been given to him for use as a nude slave / nude servant / naked bitch this weekend. On their way to go out to the bars to find some guys to fuck they dropped me off at home so I can worry about what I am going to be made to do this weekend, fuck that guys dick was big!! I'm scared of a cock that big being shoved in me!!!

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  1. i 'd love to go trough your experiance. i get turned on by humiliation and abuse, masturbation has ruled my life.[ see john and treva story ] i'm str8 but a huge cock in my ass wouldn't scare me i use to take over 3 " across dildo, and i wear ladies panties to humiliate myself and be able to stroke more. segaiolo