Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Girls talk Jill into letting me cum, then Jill decides to see how many times I can cum in a day!!

A couple of the girls at the ranch wanted to see how funny I looked when I cum, at first Jill was not liking the
idea but the girls kept bugging her and finally she gave in. They had me kneel on the ground in front of them and teased me as I came all over the place. They all got a good laugh out of the faces I make when I cum! Jill thought it was so much fun she decided to see how many times I could come in a day.
The second order to cum was about fifteen minutes later and they were about twenty to thirty minutes apart for the rest of the day. Of course I had to act like I was really getting laid with all the grunts and groans I would make during real sex. It seemed that during every orgasm at least one of the girls was video recording me with their phone. By the end of the day it was almost painful to cum! I stayed up all night beating off, it felt so good to just stroke my cock!!

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  1. i need to masturbate while a lady,fully dressed humiliate me and order me to do it more and more.as a teenager i use to do it up to 10 per day. now i average only3. very few times i can do 5/6 in one day. john the pathetic wanker