Friday, January 6, 2012

On the rare occasions I am allowed to cum it is usually Wendy and almost never Jill who allows it...

Jill vary rarely gives me permission to cum and enjoys watching me suffer as she teases me mercilessly every chance she gets. Orgasm denial is absolute and she fucking loves to tease and tease while laughing right in my
face as I usually barely able to keep from bursting at the seams!! Wendy also likes to torture me but every once in a great while she will give me permission to explode all the built up cum!! Of course she makes sure to humiliate me the whole time and she loves to push me to new levels of humiliation... It's been almost a week since I last was able to cum, and it has been almost non stop fucking around here they both have been extra generous with fucking whoever they meet, Jill has especially slutty, but Wendy has also been much busier fucking than usual.. I almost thought I was going to get to cum yesterday but after a couple of hours of begging Wendy to let me cum Jill came home and quickly talked Wendy out of letting me cum!!! They had a great time the rest of the day teasing the fuck out me as I barely managed to keep from exploding cum all over the place!!
Hopefully it won't be too many more days until Wendy finally lets me have some badly needed relief.

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