Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Forced to stand completely naked on top of hill behind ranch and masturbate with my fleshlight all day!!

It was around eight in the morning when I was taken to the top of a hill behind the ranch and told to stand there and masturbate with my fleshlight until they come back to gt me. I had a gallon of water, a bottle of astroglide,
my fleshlight and that's it.. It was pretty scary as I could see at least a dozen houses which means they could see me,  they were pretty far away, the ranch house was a half mile or so away and the next nearest house had to be at least twice that far. Still I was standing on top of a hill, with no clothes on, masturbating with a fleshlight!! It was difficult to keep from cuming I was so nervous and scared and embarrassed and just thinking about how ashamed I would be if someone spotted me. The thought of someone seeing me and coming up the hill to find out what the fuck is going on kept racing through my mind. I had no idea how much, if at all the girls at the ranch house were watching me. I found out later that pretty much the whole time at least one of them was watching either with binoculars or the small telescope.. It was starting to get dark when they came and took me back to the ranch house, they had fun on the way back telling me how fucking hilariously pathetic I looked standing up there masturbating for the whole world to see how much of a chronic masturbator I truly am!!
It was a great day!!!

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