Sunday, October 8, 2017

Ashley brings some friends over and we get super fucking high and of course I give them a ton of money!!

I was about to cum on my face when I heard Ashley come through the front door. She had three friends with her and they all saw me with my legs over my head and my cock aimed at my face!! I was kind of surprised I didn't blow my load onto my face right then!! We all got fucking spun out of our minds while I jacked off for their amusement. They had fun laughing at me as I showed them pretty much all of the humiliating ways I like to masturbate. They especially loved it when I gave them $$ throughout the afternoon and evening.. They all wanted some drugs also even though I got them higher than they had ever been in their life. They were so fucked up, they had a great time taking off their clothes and teasing me mercilessly, for hours, with their hot young bodies. Rubbing their tits in my face, laughing as I admitted how I was not worthy of being near women so fucking hot!! They kept doing whatever it took to keep me right on the very edge of exploding!! They laughed at the effect they and their bodies had on me, how I would (and did) whatever they told me to. I loved how they made me beg and plead for them to keep teasing and using me!! I willingly gave them everything I had as they watched me humiliate myself in front of them. All the money I had and could get, all the dope I had, as I fucked my blow-up doll, and my Fleshlight, and my hand for them. They had me pretending I was fucking each one of them as at first I fucked my doll, then my Fleshlight. They had me jam it in the couch right in front of them as I pretended I could fuck them. They laughed in my face while I fucked my Fleshlight which was mere inches from their actual pussies. They humiliated me for fucking the Fleshlight when any kind of a real man would have stuck his dick in them, they were completely naked as I pretended I was fucking them. It would have been real easy to slip my dick in at least one of them, but I would rather fuck a piece of plastic right in front of them. Their titties bounced around and they moaned and groaned to tease me for being such a fucktard!!
By the time they had left I had given each of them over a thousand in cash (Ashley got over two thousand), and almost a thousand dollars worth of drugs.
They (of course) had me cum on my face right before they left, and I was ordered not to clean any of it off!! They made me promise to continue fantasizing about fucking them and cumming on my face over and over and over for the rest of the night!!!
I am about to explode again remembering those fucking tits bouncing right in front of me!!

Friday, September 29, 2017

Ashley is back to try to get a better deal...

 Ashley came by to renegotiate how much she got per friend she brought over.. She fully humiliated me for being such a jerk-off fucktard, and soon had me begging to give her more money per friend. A lot more, from $100 per friend to $500, plus some drugs too!! She made me pay her up front for the first friend and told me I am not allowed to cum until she comes back (with or without a friend)...

Ashley comes back...

 Ashley came back after drinking with some of her friends at a bar all afternoon. She is out of drugs and money and wants some more of both. I tell her I will pay her to keep her clothes on and be mean to me while she tells me how she wants to see me masturbate. We party hardcore while she humiliates me, and really seems to enjoy it. While doing this we talked about how she can get more money from me. I tell her that I will pay her for every friend that she brings over, which she thinks is going to be how she is going to get a lot of money from me... I told her she could get me to give up some more by not letting me cum and making me beg for it, but denying me.. She thought that was fucking hilarious because of how lame it is.. We got fucking spun and I paid her and gave some dope and she laughed at me as she walked out the door.

new girl stops by...

Ashley, One of the newer girls that I know just stopped by to get high. She looks about 22-ish pretty hot, and nice tits!! She straight laughed in my face for fucking my Fleshlight, she made me show her the different ways I fuck it, stuffed between couch cushions kneeling on floor, stuck between cushions laying on couch, sitting on couch just stroking with it, etc... She used her phone to take some pics and video of me, she said she wanted proof because nobody would believe her when she told them about me. We got really fucking loaded, and I was super high before she arrived, so I was fucking super spun!! She got me to admit that I also have a blow-up sex doll I like to fuck and she wanted to see me fucking it. I tried to make a deal with her that I would fuck the doll for her if she took her top off while I did it. She wanted more and so it ended up that I gave her a bunch of speed, a couple hundred bucks, she promised to tell her freinds about me and she took off her top while I fucked my blow-up doll for her. She has nice, perky tits!! She took pics and more video as she had me show her my favorite ways to fuck the doll!! While fucking the doll we kept partying and by the time she left she was so fucking spun she almost walked out without putting her top back on!!
I am so fucking high I can hardly think straight!! She made me pretend I was fucking her when I was fucking the doll and I am still fucking the doll remembering those fucking tits!! I'm fucking pounding the shit out of this doll, fuck yeah fantasizing it is really her I'm fucking!!! I am switching back to the Fleshlight as it is easier to fuck while I am on the computer!!
 Oh fuck is it hard to hold back, it feels so insanely incredible, I can't keep from moaning and groaning out loud. I'm fucking the Fleshlight super slowly to keep from cumming. My cock is throbbing, my legs are twitching, my back is arched, and my toes are curled!! The orgasmic energy rushes out of my cock and rolls hard over the rest of my body!! I'm looking at a slideshow of several thousand pics from a tumblr blog, seeing all the naked women and their tits is fucking awesome!! It makes the energy pouring out of my cock so much more intense!!!

I'm so fucking high!!

I am so fucking tweaked!! I am sitting here just loving how it feels as my hand goes up and down on my cock.. Not edging, just stroking.. It's really awesome how it feels, very aroused but not yet edging.. Looking at pics of naked women... I'm really high!! Looking at naked tits makes me horny... My cock is so hard as I stroke it slowly.. Just me and my hard cock, no body else to deal with, I can jerk off how I want to... I'm beginning to feel the tingles of orgasm starting to flow.. Starting to edge and stroking faster!! Fuck yeah, this is incredible feeling, I am so fucking horny!! I think it's time to get the FleshLight!! One of the greatest inventions ever, Fleshlights are fucking amazing, damn close to the real thing!!! Edging with the Fleshlight is definitely some hardcore shit, it can make it REAL hard to hold back!!!

Monday, September 4, 2017

I'm so fucking close to cumming!!!!

I'm going to cum so fucking hard!! oh fuck yes, I fucking love it, I'm so fucking close to cumming, oh fuck, oh fuck!!! I think I'm about ready to just do it!!!  fuck yeah, just lay back and let it go!!! Or wait should I get in position to cum on my face like a fucking loser deserves!! Fuck yes, nothing says loser like having cum sprayed on your face and having it drip off your face because losers don't get to clean their face off.
Fuck I'm so damn close!! I'm going to be cumming on my loser face, spraying hot jizz all over my face! I'm going to cum!! I have to get in position!!!

Fuck yeah that was AWESOME!!! I shot cum all over my face!!! I'm sitting here with it dripping of my chin and my nose while I finish this post!!! what a fucking loser!!! 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Some of what I am jerking to today!!

Ok, I admit I'm a masturbator!!

actually continue stroking...

um, ok!!

Yes, this is what I do!!

I Agree!!

Naked for 8 days now!!

Eight days in a row without clothes!!! I fucking love it!!!

A huge Thank YOU to the women!!

I would like to say a huge thank you to all the women in the world that have had their picture taken with no clothes on, and also to those who have performed sexual acts on camera!! I hope y'all know how much it means to me and how much I masturbate to your pictures and/or videos. Masturbation is so much better thanks to you taking off your clothes in front of a camera! When I see your tits or ass or pussy all I can do is grab my cock and start stroking. I am eternally enslaved by your images and worship you by stroking for hours and sometimes days at a time. I feel the least I can do to attempt to pay you back for getting naked in front of a camera is to constantly, continually, compulsively, and chronically masturbate to your pictures and videos. I imagine what it would be like to feel your tits, to put my face between them, to lick your pussy, sliding my dick between your tits, as my hand is furiously pounding up and down on my cock. I don't want it to end it feels so fucking great, so I edge continuously for hours on end to show how grateful I am for all your pictures and videos. I want to have stroke sessions worthy of the effort that so many of you have gone through being naked when a camera is around. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I will continue, non-stop, pounding my cock day and night to new pics and vids, it's the least I can do to say thanks for y'all continuing to get naked for a camera. Even if you have only flashed your tits for a friends phone there are guys masturbating to your tits regularly! Your selfless gift of your nudity helps losers like me have a great sex life. For me seeing you naked and fantasizing about fucking you while pounding my fist up and down on my cock is so much better than having sex with a real woman. I can have sex with my hand for hours, imagining that I am fucking you like you would want and deserve to be, instead of the 30 seconds of total and complete disappointment it would be in reality. I fuck my hand hard wishing I wasn't such a loser and could satisfy a woman. Looking at your pics and videos makes jerking off feel so fucking awesome, I feel like less of a loser because I can see women naked, even though I know it makes me even more of a loser! I can imagine they are naked for me because they want to be naked for me, even though I really know that women don't want to get naked for losers like me. I pretend that I am satisfying the women I am looking at, fucking them real good, as I pound the shit out of my cock. It feels fucking amazing to me and I'm not disappointing anyone, so it's a win-win! While I'm fucking my fist I feel like a real man who can get laid easily, inside I know how much of a loser I am. I know I will never fuck you, but seeing you naked let's a loser like me imagine fucking someone hot like you. 
I don't care if you are heavy, thin, small tits, big tits, or any variation of these, I want to jack off to your pics!!! You don't have to show your face if you don't want to... Just post whatever part of your body you want to any of the tumblr pic groups and rest assured me and thousands of other horny dudes will be jacking off to you!! I promise you for many, many years there will be someone looking at your picture while masturbating! If you would like to have guys looking at you while they jack off, you really must post some naked pics of your body!! You will never have to wonder if you are pretty or hot enough for guys, because you will know that guys find you attractive enough to masturbate to you!! I always have at least one screen going through a tumblr pic group, each pic is displayed for 2200ms or 2.2 seconds, I jack off to thousands of pics a day, yours should be some of them!!!

Once again I would like to say thank you for being so awesome and sharing your naked body!!!

Repost of video of me fucking a blow-up sex doll...

I posted this years ago, and figured it would be fun to re-post it...

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Because I am a loser I totally sexually disappoint girl from high school

My sister Debbie brought over a girl I went to high school with to show her what a fucking loser I still am... This girl was so fucking mean and nasty to me in high school, she went out of her way to give me a hard time. She really enjoyed humiliating me any chance she got.. She was so fucking hot and teased me mercilessly with her body, proving what a loser I was in front of as many people as possible...
Her and my sister sat and laughed at what a fucking loser I still am as I jacked off in front of them. My sister told her that I can really fuck like a pro now, but I'm still a loser.... She laughed and said she didn't believe it, so I tried to use my blow up doll to show her. I started fucking my doll and something about how much she tormented me in high school and how hot she was and how bad I wished I could fuck her back then, and I was unable to hold back and came within 60 seconds...
They fucking humiliated me for being such a loser laughed right in my face... When my sister said that I don't have those problems anymore and that she would vouch for my abilities, the girl who made my life miserable in high school for no apparent reason, took off her clothes and said she wanted me to prove it. I don't know why I was so fucking scared of her, I fuck the shit out of hot women all the time. I can't explain it, I was so fucking nervous and freaked out that I didn't even have my dick all the way in her and I was about to explode, I tried to play it off but she knew I was having problems. She was fucking ruthless as she laughed in my face while I tried to slow stroke her. She was having none of it and pressed her body hard against mine and I went balls deep into her and fucking came right then, maybe three pumps total. then I couldn't get it back up...
She laughed as she got dressed and said that was the worst sex she ever had and she knew I was a loser then, knows it now, and losers never change and never can satisfy a woman.... She was calling old friends as she walked out the door telling them what just happened...
What a loser.... I've been jerking off thinking about her for a couple days  now.... 

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Tara drops by alone to get fucked like her mother did!!

It is super humiliating to have the person you are fantasizing about fucking walk in and catch you!! I was pretending to be fucking Tara, she used to be so fucking hot and was always such a cunt to me, I wanted her so bad. I was moaning her name and she fucking burst out laughing in my face. I turned  super red and tried to hide what I was doing. She reminded me that I have always been and will always be a fucking jerk off loser. She began taking off her clothes as she told me about the conversation she had with her mother and how surprised she was when she heard I could satisfy a woman, and how shocked she was when her mother told her she should have sex with me and it will be one of the best fucks she will ever have..
She told me I better not disappoint her, and I better not tell anyone. I began grudge fucking her mouth, I enjoyed hearing her choking on my cock. She was such a fucking bitch to me years ago and it was pay back time!!! I flipped her over and fucking pounded the shit out of her pussy, rolled her over and watched her titties bounce up and down as I pummeled her mercilessly! She was moaning about cumming again and again!! I waited till she asked me to fuck her ass before I really tore her asshole up, I fucked her real fucking hard!! After I felt I had pounded her enough I pulled my cock out of her and before she knew anything I was cumming on her bitch face!!!!
She laid there for over an hour before she tried to get up, she couldn't believe how hard she had gotten fucked and much she liked it. I wouldn't let her wipe my cum off her and she walked out the door with it all over her face. walked like a cowgirl!!!

Edging for hours and days!!

It is so amazing!!! I can never stop!!! I love edging!! I live to edge!!! I never want to do anything else!!! Oh fuck yes, yes, yes!!! I love getting so close!!! fuck yes!!!!! I'mmmmm sooooo fuuuckkkinggg cccllooosssseeee!!!!!! YES YES!!! Fuck I love love love this!!! Yes yes yes fuck me yes this is the fucking best!!! Getting fucking high, watching porn, and fucking edging the fuck out of my cock!!! Fucking unbelievably infuckingsane, I'm pushing the edge again, legs twitching and shaking, back arched, moaning loudly, fuck yeah, fuck, fuck, fuck yeah!! I love being a loser stroke addict, this feeling is mind bending, absolutely addicting, fucking intense, toe curling, hair straightening, pleasure so unbelievably strong washing through every fiber of my body.. It keeps building stronger... there is no way it could feel better, then it does, again and again, pounding like waves on the shore, bigger and bigger waves coursing through me. I FUCKING LOVE THIS!!!!

I never want to stop masturbating all day, every day!!!

Fuck Yeah it feels so fucking AWESOME to jack off!!! My hand is wrapped around my rock hard cock and pounding up and down real hard!! I fucking love it!!!

Here is some of what has caught my eye today:
Everyone knows!!!

Ok, if you insist!!!

I am pretty sure you are correct!!!

I agree!!! I agree!!!

Step sisters have a great time at reunion, bring lots of old friends by to see what a loser I have become..

It was kind of backwards in that the stepsister that I get along with the best, Michelle, and who like to have me fuck the shit out her from time to time, told everyone that I hadn't changed at all and still couldn't satisfy a woman if my life depended on it, and my other stepsister Debbie, who knows she is way better than me and loves humiliating me, just because I'm a fucking loser, was telling people that while I am still a loser chronic masturbator, I am now fucking women like they dream they could get fucked.....
Anyway, one of my favorites was when they brought over the daughter of the english teacher that fucking hated me, she is the same age as my step sisters and they hung out in high school... So I'm fucking my blow up doll when they arrive and the daughter, Tara, calls her mom and tells her she has to come over and see this. All four of them had a real great fucking time as I humiliated myself in front of them.. They laughed hysterically while taking pictures and recording video on their phones!! I was shocked when just a couple minutes after they all leave together, my former teacher comes back all alone!! She said she had feeling that Debbie was right and that she hadn't been decently fucked in a while, and if it wasn't true she would just go tell everyone that it is a lie and I am still a complete sexual fucktard.. I wasn't understanding what she was saying until she started taking off her clothes!! I stopped fucking my blow-up doll and began fucking her, hard, and real good!! She was moaning and groaning about how she was cumming over and over as we switched positions, I was fucking her real hard from behind and pulling her hair back hard as she screamed "fuck me harder" and "I can't believe I'm getting fucked so hard" when her daughter and my step sisters walked back in to my house. Her daughter, Tara, didn't know what to think and I was not going to stop fucking that pussy till I was done! She couldn't stop moaning about how she was cumming again!! My sisters escorted Tara back out the door before it got too weird!!! That's not even my favorite part!! About 30 minutes and several positions after they left, my former teacher is begging my to fuck her in the ass!!! So I did!! I fucking pounded every fucking hole she has!!! When I was done it took her at least half an hour to get her legs to stop shaking enough that she could walk!!! She thanked me for fucking her so well and said she was wrong to have been such a cunt to me when I was in high school...

I have a couple more stories to share about the reunion, in some more posts.....