Thursday, May 19, 2011

Neighbor sees me fucking her friend and freaks out!!

It was early in the morning, around 8:00am and the girls were getting really drunk. I was in the backyard facing the back door beating off when Jenni's friend came outside. She isn't her hotttest friend but she is very cute and she sat so I could see down her shirt. She was drunk and I was staring at her tits when she desided to take her shirt off. She sat fondling her breasts and tesing me as she stared at my cock telling me how good it looked. She came over and started rubbing her tits on my face, holy shit i almost came!! She grabbed my cock and started stroking it, a few minutes later she bent down and started sucking it. Next thing I knew I had her bent over the chair and was fucking the shit out of her. Itwasn't long till Jenni opened the back door and saw me fucking her friend real hard and she freaked out and started screaming at me for fucking her friend like i had forced her or something. She made her friend get dressed and go inside, then she really let me have it.
She said I was a fucking pervy molester, a creepy old guy masturbating all the time. I was told her friends were off limits to a loser like me, that they were way too hot for me. She made me admit I am nothing but a lame stroker boy and didn't deserve anybody as hot as they are. I also had to promise not to try and molest any of them ever again..

ordered to get money from atm while completely nude!!

One Jenni's hottest friends wanted her money from me fantsizing about her while jerking off and I fantasize about her alot!!! I owed her like $40 and I didn't have it at the house so she decided to take me to an atm machine. I was not allowed to put on any clothes and had to get the money totally naked. The first hurdle was walking to her car, it was late at night but it was a couple blocks away and I was a littlee worried. She drove to an atm that was secluded and out of the way with little chance of being caught. I got out of the car and walked about fifty feet to the atm, and stood stroking my cock while using the atm. I was so scared about getting caught but I really loved it, a young hot girl forcing me to use the atm naked!!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

I have to sit outside in backyard while neighbor and friends party inside..

Jenni has been putting me in the backyard on a chair that faces the back porch. Sometimes she blindfolds me, sometimes she doesn't, but I am not to leave the chair until I am given permission. I sit out back jacking off for hours as they party it up inside. Most of the time I am alone every now and then one of the girls will come out to collect her money from me fantasizing about her.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

My apartment is now neighbors party pad!!

As Jenni was getting dressed after fucking her friend she told me that my apartment was now her party spot and she would be using it often. She left and returned about an hour later with several of her girlfriends, who all found it funny how I had my fleshlight jammed between the sofa cousons and was fucking the shit out of it.. I was then sat on a chair facing a corner and told not to move until I was given permission. A bunch more of her friends showed up and there were probably twenty five people there partying while I had to sit in a corner and not bother anyone with my perversions. After everyone left Jenni gave me permission to come out of the corner and clean up the mess they created while partying!!

Neighbor girl fucks a guy right in front of me, has me masturbate while watching!!

Jenni walked in with her friend and said she was going to fuck him and I had to watch and beat off. I thought this might be fun, I really did want to see her naked body!! I was blown away by how fucking hot her body is as she teased and humiliated me. She made me tell her what I thought of her body, then made me say how pathetic a stroker I am and how I was not worthy of someone as hot as her. As they began fucking she described what it was like to get fucked by a real man, she had me describe how badly I wanted to touch her, to fuck her awesome body. He fucked her well as she teased and made fun of me the whole time. He came all over her but she wanted to see me cum all over myself, so I got on the floor rolled over so my cock was aimed at my face and came all over my face..

Step Mother takes me to gas station where I had to tell women that I am a chronic masturbator and beg them to let me wash their windows!!

Pat thought I was still hiding my masturbating from the world and that I should tell people personally that I am a chronic masturbator. She decided a good way to do that was to go to a nearby gas station and she would direct me to who I was to interact with. I was under strict orders to approach whoever I was directed to and tell them that I am a chronic masturbator and because of my constant masturbation I was being made to wash as many peoples windows as possible, and beg them to let me wash their windows while they got gas.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Step Mother makes me pay neighbor girl and her friends for every time I think about them while I am masturbating

My former Step Mother Pat stopped by a few days ago to tease and humiliate me for a little while. She was making me admit to some fairly humiliating things when she asked how often I fantasized about my neighbor Jenni and her friends. I admitted that I thought about them pretty often, she laughed and then asked when was the last time I had fantasized about one of them. I told her I was dreaming of my neighbors friend when my Step Mother arrived. She asked if I had permission from the girl I was fantasizing about, I said no and a she suddenly had a wicked smile. I knew I was going to be put through something extremely humiliating by way she laughed as she walked outside, a few minutes later she returned with the Jenni and made me tell her all about how much I beat off thinking about her and her friends.