Saturday, May 7, 2011

Step Mother makes me pay neighbor girl and her friends for every time I think about them while I am masturbating

My former Step Mother Pat stopped by a few days ago to tease and humiliate me for a little while. She was making me admit to some fairly humiliating things when she asked how often I fantasized about my neighbor Jenni and her friends. I admitted that I thought about them pretty often, she laughed and then asked when was the last time I had fantasized about one of them. I told her I was dreaming of my neighbors friend when my Step Mother arrived. She asked if I had permission from the girl I was fantasizing about, I said no and a she suddenly had a wicked smile. I knew I was going to be put through something extremely humiliating by way she laughed as she walked outside, a few minutes later she returned with the Jenni and made me tell her all about how much I beat off thinking about her and her friends.

When I had confessed all of the details of my fantasies Pat decided that wasn't enough and what about when I jerked off thinking about them in the future. She thought that the girls should get something for being the object of my lust without their knowledge or consent. So Jenni and Pat hatched a plan for me to pay the girls for every time I fantasized about them. I have to keep track of every time I think of one of the girls while beating my meat and then give that girl a dollar for each time. Every time I see one of the girls I have to give her any money I owe her and then I have to thank her for being so hot that I think about her while I masturbate!!
I have paid Jenni at least a dozen times so far and have paid every friend of hers I have seen, and have money waiting here for the ones I haven't seen since I started having to pay them. Jenni really gets a kick out of it and every time she sees me she yells something like "where's my money you jerk-off"..
It's embarrassing to have someone know you think about them when beating off, it's fucking humiliating to have to give them a dollar for every time it's happened since the last time you've seen them..


  1. I would be broke by the -- maybe she would renegoatiate the toll to a penny?? but since I love to be humiliated and told to be a jerk-off, I just envy you for this arrangement!

  2. my cuckold, sub, life style was about same.she use to do guys i use to masturbate for hours my wife use to tell me about her affairs to stimulate me to masturbate more,usualy after my solo session she was asking for money..i paid all the bills trough the years of my marriage.