Sunday, May 8, 2011

Step Mother takes me to gas station where I had to tell women that I am a chronic masturbator and beg them to let me wash their windows!!

Pat thought I was still hiding my masturbating from the world and that I should tell people personally that I am a chronic masturbator. She decided a good way to do that was to go to a nearby gas station and she would direct me to who I was to interact with. I was under strict orders to approach whoever I was directed to and tell them that I am a chronic masturbator and because of my constant masturbation I was being made to wash as many peoples windows as possible, and beg them to let me wash their windows while they got gas.

I must have had to do that to eighty people before Pat was done watching me humiliate myself. The majority of people let me wash their windows, some thought I was a pervert, some thought I was pathetic, and almost all laughed at me. If someone didn't believe me I would point out my step mother watching from the patio of the coffee shop that was connected to the gas station and my stepmother would wave to signal back. Some people even went over to talk to her, I have no idea what she told them but they all came back laughing their asses off!!
It was one of the most fucking humiliating days of my life!! I was unable to even make eye contact with anyone until the end of the day. Pat said I did a good job, but implied I would be doing it again possibly on a regular basis..

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