Thursday, May 19, 2011

ordered to get money from atm while completely nude!!

One Jenni's hottest friends wanted her money from me fantsizing about her while jerking off and I fantasize about her alot!!! I owed her like $40 and I didn't have it at the house so she decided to take me to an atm machine. I was not allowed to put on any clothes and had to get the money totally naked. The first hurdle was walking to her car, it was late at night but it was a couple blocks away and I was a littlee worried. She drove to an atm that was secluded and out of the way with little chance of being caught. I got out of the car and walked about fifty feet to the atm, and stood stroking my cock while using the atm. I was so scared about getting caught but I really loved it, a young hot girl forcing me to use the atm naked!!!

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