Sunday, May 8, 2011

Neighbor girl fucks a guy right in front of me, has me masturbate while watching!!

Jenni walked in with her friend and said she was going to fuck him and I had to watch and beat off. I thought this might be fun, I really did want to see her naked body!! I was blown away by how fucking hot her body is as she teased and humiliated me. She made me tell her what I thought of her body, then made me say how pathetic a stroker I am and how I was not worthy of someone as hot as her. As they began fucking she described what it was like to get fucked by a real man, she had me describe how badly I wanted to touch her, to fuck her awesome body. He fucked her well as she teased and made fun of me the whole time. He came all over her but she wanted to see me cum all over myself, so I got on the floor rolled over so my cock was aimed at my face and came all over my face..

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