Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Forced to sit totally naked and masturbate out in the open at highway rest stops!!

On the way to Jill's friends ranch they decided it would be fun to stop at all the highway rest stops and have me masturbate out in the open.. The first few stops weren't too bad as it was early in the morning before the sun
was up which meant it was dark and hard to see me and that there were few to no people to see me anyway. The last few stops were a different story, it being still very early in the morning and how far out in the middle of nowhere we were are the only things that kept it from getting out of control. The first rest stop after the sun came up was empty except for us, the girls pulled into the farthest area from the entrance and picked out a bench that couldn't be seen from the entrance. The girls sat on the open tail-gate of the truck and whistled and cheered and yelled at me the whole time they laughed their asses off... First I was beating off with my hand, then they brought me a fleshlight, after fifteen minutes of that they brought my inflatable sex doll and video recorded me fucking it in the rest stop!! The next rest stop they had my sitting on the tail gate of the truck fucking my fist while they used the facilities.. The last rest stop was the worst, I was super nervous and there were a few people already there. We found a picnic table in the far back corner out of view of most of the rest stop and they had me sit there fucking my fleshlight. They had a great time making me beg and plead to leave the rest stop!!

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  1. wow man! You are lucky to have Jill making you masturbate all the time.