Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Jill gone again, her friend come ove to check on me, and stays to get fucked really hard!!

Jill asked a different friend to check on me from time to time. Her friend walked in as I was fucking my fleshlight, I had it shoved between the cushion and the couch and was pretending like I was fucking a girl from behind.. After she stopped laughing at me she sat down and started asking a lot of questions. After about an hour of sitting on the couch across the room from the chair she was sitting in, she came over and sat next to me on the couch. She told me to wedge the fleshlight in the couch right in front of her and wanted me to fuck the shot out of it.. About a minute into me doing this she begins removing her clothes and starts teasing me as I'm fucking my fleshlight just inches away from her naked body. She asked if I would fuck her like as hard as I was fucking the fleshlight, I assured her I would probably fuck her even harder.
She slid down a little and pulled her legs back and spread wide apart and told me to remove the fleshlight and to start fucking her. I slide my cock in and start pumping hard when I notice her damn near perfect tits bouncing in front of me. Holy Shit I can't get over how fucking great her tits are and it almost makes me cum!! I slowed way down and regained control, then I flipped her over and fucked her from behind. I fucked her hard, my balls smacking against her clit, her ass rippling from the impact. I pull her hair back hard and look over to see me fucking her in the mirror, her back arched, tits bouncing!! I pulled her around so I could pile drive her in front of the couch, and she was howling as I pummeled her mercilessly.. I fucked her every which way I could and by the time we took a break in was well into the evening and she told me she was going to be in trouble because she was supposed to meet her boyfriend for dinner. This is the mention I've heard of any boyfriend and figured I was about to be masturbating again, holy fuck was I wrong!! She sits on my lap facing me and begins stroking my cock while she calls her boyfriend and tells him she is helping a friend study for a big test and will call him in the morning. She moves closer and slides my cock in and begins riding me as she calls her mom and tells her the same bs about helping a friend study and that she will be stayig the night with her friend. She hangs up the phone and begins riding real hard on my cock, telling me that I am not even close to being done fucking her.

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