Saturday, December 15, 2012

New neighbour walks up and catches me beating off

I moved to a smaller place and had the screen door latched open so I could easily carry stuff in. The last box was some of my fuck toys and I was getting naked as I walked through the door.
I was sitting on the couch pumping my fist up and down my cock when one of my new neighbours came to introduce herself and welcome me to the neighbourhood.. I heard the floor creak at the same time she started to say hello, I opened my eyes just as she realized what she was looking at. I froze and she stuttered a bit then said she saw me moving in and wanted to say hello. I apologized for leaving the doors wide open and she tried to say she was sorry for walking in and interrupting me.
She is smoking fucking hot with nice big tits, she had on super small shorts and a really low cut top that showed off her great tits. She kind of chuckled as she backed out the door while staring at my rock hard cock. She said something about maybe stopping by later and I could hear her laughing as she walked to her unit..


  1. it must have been so hot to have a smoking hot girl walk in on you and see how much of a desperate hand humper you are from the very start. I can only imagine she was in every thought you had when you were jacking off. How long did you last after that interaction? - (tom bret)

    1. I could only hold back about 10 seconds, she was so fucking smoking hot, and her tits were almost perfect and I was so fucking humiliated and embarrassed and ashamed and I came so fucking hard because of it!!!! I get super horny every time I think about the look she had on her face as she stared at my cock as she backed out of the door!!!