Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I am proud of masturbation being my favorite sex!!

I as proud of my sexuality as any straight or gay person is!! Just because I prefer solo-sex doesn't mean I have to hide it. I would march openly in a masturbators or solo-sexual parade!! I look forward to my next sexual experience, just like everyone else! I love sex with myself, it is by far my favorite sexual activity. I fucking totally love edging and am getting better and better at it all the time. I am beating off as I write this, have been all day, and will be all night. I find levels of pleasure that I never thought possible and never what to end.

Fuck yes I'm proud to be a hand humping, cock stroking, dick pulling, constantly masturbating, solo-sexual!!!


  1. I know it!! I love to beeing a solosexual, i have proub beeing that way. It´s my life, i need to bate all the time and never never stop to bate my penis.

  2. I too am proud to be a solosexual and masturbator! I've always been very open about it and have many times explained my preference with friends and any interested people. I live to stroke my cock!

    1. That's fucking awesome!! Where you embarrassed and ashamed when you were explaining your preference?? Let us know all the details!! Keep on stroking forever!!! Don't ever stop!!!!