Thursday, November 1, 2012

Jill and friends go out drinking for the night and I have to drive, totally nude, including opening and closing the car doors for them at every stop...

Jill told me I was going to be the designated driver for the whole night, well that and loser jerk off boy, of course. All her friends are smoking fucking hot and all under 21, but they have fake ID's, although they rarely get carded because of how gorgeous they are. Jill made me pull up in front of each bar or night club they went to and get out, and go around and open the doors for the ladies, completely nude, with a rock hard cock!! Every place we went had either a line to get in or people out front smoking cigarettes who all cheered and laughed as I held the doors open. I then got back in the suv and found a place nearby and waited for them to come out so I could pick them up, again getting out and opening the doors for the ladies. 
After the last bar the girls are fucking super drunk and decide to have more fun at my expense.. They tell me to go to Spanky's (an adult toy store that is open 24 hours a day), I was so fucking scared they were going to try to make me go in the store totally naked, but when we got there I had to open the doors for the girls, but they told me to sit and beat off while they went inside. When they came out of the store as I was opening the doors for them they introduced me to the fuck doll they bought for me. They thought it would be fucking funny to go grab some burgers and watch me fuck the doll while they eat.. 
They couldn't stop laughing as they had me go through the drive-thru, completely naked, while blowing up the fuck doll!! The girl working the drive-thru window thought it was hilarious also and grabbed her cell phone and took a few pictures of me.. They then decided on a little out of the way park  were we wouldn't be hassled while they ate and I put on a show for them..
We get to the park and they have me put the suv so that the headlights are pointing at one of the picnic tables, I proceed to open the doors for them to get out and they sit on one end of the table and I am told to fuck the doll on the other end, with the headlights fully illuminating everything!! I am also ordered to fuck the doll like she is a real girl, sweet talking, moaning, groaning, just like I was fucking a real girl.
I begin the show and they are hollering and teasing and cheering me as I start fucking the blow up doll.. They were having a hard time eating they were laughing so fucking hard, in addition to being totally hammered.. 
As they are almost done eating Jill says she wants me to cum all over the dolls face. I am ordered to play it up, like it's the best sex ever, over the top noises, really play the part! I start moaning and groaning and fucking the shit out of that doll! The girls are cheering and laughing at me as I fuck it harder, moan louder, and start making orgasm faces.. I shove my cock all the way in the dolls mouth a couple of times then pull out and spray cum all over the dolls face. The girls stand up and applaud the pathetic display of how much of a loser jerk off I really am!!


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  1. I love this story. You get to be naked in public, masturbate in front of a bunch of girls, and naked at a park with headlights on you for anyone to see. That's great for you!