Sunday, November 4, 2012

Jill throws a big farewell party and makes me stay in my bedroom..

She made me stay in the room all day, and her party started early around 6:00pm.. I sat on a chair with no lights on and fucked my fleshlight for a while. Every now and then one of her friends would come in the room to tease and/or make fun of me. Some rubbed there tits in my face and some danced around flaunting their hot bodies. They made me tell them how bad I wanted their bodies and they laughed in my face for it. I was so fucking turned on by the humiliation I was being put through, I could barely keep from exploding all over the place..
Jill came in the room around 3:00am and said the party had ended except for her closest friends and that she wanted me to come out and watch them get fucked by real men.. They made fun of me sitting there jerking off while they got fucked hard, and loved making me admit I wished I could be fucking someone instead of my hand.. They kept telling me how great they were getting fucked, how much they loved the way they were getting pounded, every detail of their sex acts were used to humiliate me as I sat and furiously jerked off... After they were all finished Jill made me beg her for permission to cum, they all laughed as I begged and pleaded to cum. After about 20 minutes Jill told me no, absolutely not, no way could I cum and smiled as she told me to go back in the bedroom....

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