Friday, April 20, 2012

Since Wendy left Jill is enjoying being in charge..

Jill is very much enjoying being in total control of me!! She loves being cruel, passing up no opportunity to humiliate me because I masturbate constantly!
She is adamant about not letting me cum, the last time was in January before Wendy left, the next time is probably a long way off!!! I don't get to go inside much anymore, the back yard is where I spend most of my time, and when i am allowed inside I usually have to sit in the kitchen facing the corner..  When she has a guest at the house who is there for the first time she likes to show them how I do whatever humiliating task she says, and also how fucking pathetic I look when I fuck Patsy (my blow up sex doll, and yes, i named my inflatable sex toy).

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  1. my wife was also a dom. humiliating and abusing me the chronic wanker