Saturday, March 14, 2015

She continued to humiliate me all day, making sure everyone knew I am a pathetic hand humping, fist fucking, stroker slut!!

She ferociously degraded and humiliated me as we walked the couple blocks to my place. We stopped by a semi out of the way atm so I could get her some money, as we got close it she told me to go around the corner, into the alley behind the building and take all my clothes off. Then I had to use the atm naked as she watched and laughed at me. After I got the money I started to go back to put my clothes on and she said I had to give her my wallet and keys to carry for me and to leave my clothes in the ally so she could watch me try to walk the rest of the way home completely naked in the middle of the day!! On the way home she let me know how much she thought I was a fucking loser  as I ducked behind bushes and cars to avoid getting caught. She used with her phone to take pictures and videos of my nude trek home, she thought it was hilarious that my cock was rock hard the whole time!!!

After we got to my place she had me make her a mostly rum an coke and began calling her friends while she made fun of me as she watched me beating off. She had finished off a large bottle of rum in about an hour, then she switched to jack Daniels and coke. She was having a great time laughing her ass off while I humiliated myself by showing her all my favorite ways to masturbate. She got a real kick out of getting me to admit all the embarrassing and shameful details of how much of a absolutely worthless, fucking pathetic, constant, chronic, jerk off artist I truly am!! She recorded the most humiliating ways I beat off for her, letting me know that she couldn't believe how big of a loser I am. As she got drunk she wanted me to talk about what I thought of her and the friends she was with at the store. I told her how how hot I think her friends are then I admitted that I think she is totally smoking fucking hot!! I could feel my face turning red as I am fucking my fleshlight in front of her as I tell her how turned on by her I am.

I was to embarrassed to look her in the face and was watching my cock pumping in and out of my fleshlight for a couple of minutes and when I looked up at her she had taken her top off! Her tits are nice and big and super perky for how big they are. She started rubbing them together and telling me that she liked watching me masturbating. She also told me there was no way a fucking bate tard like me was going to touch someone as hot as her. Holy fuck she has great tits, I can't take my eyes off of them as I start having great difficulties holding back from spraying cum everywhere. She can tell I'm having problems and asks me what is wrong. I tell her nothing is wrong, I'm just finding it difficult to keep from cumming. The shame of having to admit that to her almost pushes me over the edge, she thinks it's funny and moves closer to me. Now her tits are just a couple of inches in front of my face, holy fuck she has great tits!!! She is teasing me so hard with her tits!!! She is also slurring her words from all the alcohol she drank. It's not too long till she passes out with her top still off. I continue jacking off looking at her magnificent tits just about a foot away from me!!!!

What happens after that is another blog post......

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