Monday, November 30, 2015

He thinks everything is back to normal, boy is he wrong...

The next night when they come out to the barn he walks in and thinks he's going to use me as his fuck toy but his wife put a stop to that right away. She told him how she could never respect him again after seeing him get fucked and suck a dick. She didn't care that she made him do it, he did it and there is no going back. Then she started humiliating him about his small cock. She made him realize that there was no way his tiny cock was going to satisfy any of her needs. She asked him if he wanted her to be happy, of course he said yes, and she spelled out how he was going to be OK with her fucking other guys. Whoever, whenever she wants, even bringing them home to fuck sometimes. He was never going to touch her body or come near her with that little dick again. She finally got through to him when she said she would have no problems sending the pics and video of him sucking dick like a pro and taking like a bitch, from a bitch...
He couldn't believe what was happening and all he could do was stutter every time he tried to speak. She told him to get on his knees and start sucking my cock. He slowly complied and as he started she pulled out a camcorder and set it up on a tripod. She turned it on and started recording him as he sucked my cock. She laughed and teased him the whole time. When she thought he had given a sufficiently good blow job she told him to stop sucking my dick and made him admit how much bigger and nicer my cock was compared to his tiny shrimp dick. She made him say that she deserved a bigger and better dick than his and how he really does want her to be happy. She told him if he really meant what he was saying then he should ask me to fuck his wife because she deserves to fucked by a real cock. She told him he had to watch while she got fucked hard, like she always wished he could fuck her. He kind of asked me to have sex with his wife, although I could barely tell what he was saying because he was stuttering so much. She made him do it again, without stuttering, and told him to really sell it, even beg me if need be. He did as she ordered him to, didn't even stutter, almost even sounded like he meant it as he asked that I give his wife a good fucking because he is unable to.
There was no way I could say no, plus she is really hot and while I'd rather be stroking me cock I thought this would be a fun time.  She made him fluff my dick till it was hard and ready to fuck her. She teased him the whole time, telling him how great it felt to have a real cock in her for the first time since they were married a year ago. You could see the shame and humiliation on his face as he tried not to watch us, but she kept making him look her in the eyes as I was drilling her pussy hard. She was really mean and cruel with the shit she was saying to him, like asking him how it felt to see what the face of a woman getting fucked real good looked like for the first time. She told me exactly how to fuck her and kept telling hubbie how much she was liking it. She laughed at him as she said how pathetic it is that the loser jerk-off slave was the one that could fuck her like she wanted to be fucked. About halfway through she made him jack off while he watched her getting fucked, then she mocked and teased him for having a tiny cock. She asked him if he was truly unaware that he had never even come close to satisfying her sexually, and laughed in his face for being so fucking stupid. She wanted him to cum at the same time as her, it being the first time he has really ever seen her cum. I was pounding her from behind and she was just inches from his face as they both came. She made him thank me for fucking his wife so good. She thought I did a good job and wanted to reward me since I was still not allowed to cum, so she sent the younger girl out to tease the fuck out of me all night long, and she really had a great time flaunting her smoking hot body, and that was a awesome way of saying thanks..


  1. It must've been so hot, for once in your life, to be a dominant male (as opposed to the pathetic beta male you usually are) especially considering how you reversed the tables and were cuckolding that asshole. Before you left did you ever jack off with him or fuck him or did he fuck you?

  2. I got to talk shit to him while he had my cock in his mouth!! Also he never fucked me!!