Sunday, April 17, 2011

Step Mother bring over male friend and video records how she has him punish me

Pat was really drunk when she came over with a male friend and told me they were there to punish me some more. She took her clothes off, had her friend do the same and she bent over the coffee table and instructed him to start fucking her. She was looking me in face as she told me to jack off while watching her get fucked by a real man, she had a wicked smirk on her face when she told me after she was done getting fucked by him I would get my punishment. I didn't know what she meant but the guy had a big cock and I was pretty scared of what was going to happen!! He fucked her pretty well, of course she over acted the whole time, and I was kind of enjoying beating off to them fucking right in front of me.. At the end of their romp she told me sit on the edge of the coffee table and take my punishment. I sat like I was told and he walks toward me stroking his really big, hard, cock, with a evil grin on his face. I thought for sure he was going to stuff it into my mouth, I see my step mother has her video camera out and is recording. When he is about a two feet away from me his cock throbs and a huge load of cum shoots out and hits me on the chest, then another hits me on the chin, next thing I know I have cum all over me and my stepmother is laughing hysterically and telling me that she is going to have fun showing people the video...
Embarrassing, yes, but I am glad she didn't have other plans for me and that big cock!!


  1. Glad I am not you. That was to close a call for me.

  2. Yeah, I was starting to panic as he got close, as I was sitting with my mouth the perfect height for him to slide it right in and it was REAL big!!