Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weekly interview with step sisters friend for college paper.

Tara came by today for the weekly interview, wearing shorts and a bikini top that barely held her incredible tits. When she walked in and I saw her fucking incredible body I almost came right then!! I had to close my eyes or I would have sprayed cum all over. When I opened my eyes she was sitting in a chair near me grinning from ear to ear. We went over my masturbation during the last week, how often, what did I fantasize about, anything out of the ordinary, did I beat off in front of anyone, etc. It took about 45min to get through the interview and I did my best not to stare at her tits. She caught me looking at them several times and didn't seem to mind..
After the interview she told me she was going on vacation in a few weeks so next week she would be bringing the girl who would be doing the interviews when she was gone. That is kind of embarrassing and scary, but a turn on...
After she was done she stayed for a bit and we talked about several different things, she caught me looking at her tits and asked if I liked them. I admitted the humiliating truth that I almost came when she walked in the room and she thought that was hilarious. She rubbed her tits together for a few seconds and then she said she had to go. She smiled as she told me to "have fun" as she walked out the door..


  1. i wish a lady all dressed up and i wearing only black lady's panties, would interview me asking me how much i masturbate and how many orgasms i had etc....the orderme to do it and calling me disgusting etc....she could use me seatting on my face while i masturbate.

  2. i would love to be intervwed by such a lady. she could ask me about my mom and our relationship , and about my dom. wife and about her friends. stimulating me to furious sessions. segaiolo

  3. i have to masturbate almost constantly. as soon as my g. f. leave i'm at the computer stroking. i was alwas a watcher staring at ladies then go back home to masturbate. to be cuckolded ,when i was married was a great stimulus to masturbate more to a daily stupor.i need more time and more porn. john rossetti se gaiolo

  4. my g. f. and her daughter know how much i masturbate. mmmmmmm sega iolo the retard