Sunday, April 12, 2015

Getting professional help...

I decided months ago that I needed to find competent professional help for my absolutely out of control masturbation lifestyle. I had to do some searching before I found the right person but she was worth the effort and the money it costs is well spent. She is more than just a femdom, she really pushes me into new humiliating situations making sure I know what a fucking lucky jerk off slut I am to be used and controlled by her!!! I can't wait till the next session with her, she always has something special planned!!!

Last time she made me go up to random women in random bars and stores and admit to them what a stroker slut I am try to get them to watch me beat off! Out of the probably 30 of so women I talked to I got 4 of them to let me put on a show for them!!

If you think you are out of control I highly recommend seeking some help!!

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