Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I've always loved being completely naked!

There is something I really like about being totally nude. Way back when I was first starting to masturbate I loved having no clothes on, I remember how much I loved being naked outdoors. I used to go out to the woods and the hay fields near my house and walk around naked, stroking my cock as I walked feeling the warm sun on my body. At night I would hide my clothes in the bushes next to the elementary school by my house, I walked naked across the playground in the back and would climb on the monkey bars and other toys that were there, I loved to sit on top of the monkey bars completely naked and jerk off. There were houses all around the back of the school so I could only do that at night. I would sometimes ride my bike a few miles out to where the farm houses were far apart and I didn't have much traffic to worry about. I would hide my bike and my clothes and walk naked up and down the streets with my rock hard cock in my hand. I remember diving behind trees or bushes, almost getting caught a couple of times. At night I also used to go out onto the roof of my house and lay back and jerk off watching the traffic on the main street about half a block away. When cars would turn on my street their headlights would sweep across the front of our house, I was always afraid someone would see me on the roof, but no one that I know of ever did. I did that kind of stuff for a couple of years and I don't remember why I switched to beating my meat in my room. It wasn't too long till I moved to California and there is just not enough open space to be able to get away with that kind of thing.
I still love taking off all my clothes and being totally naked, rock hard dick in my hand, not a stitch of clothing to hide behind!!! One thing I didn't find out till just five or so years ago is how much I REALLY LOVE to be naked and masturbate in front of other people!! I will go anywhere and do just about anything when I find someone who will let me beat off in front of them.


  1. You should have ridden your bike out to the farm in daytime, you would have found me as a teenager riding dad's tractor in the back 40 naked. Had to stop lots of times and go off in the cornfield's to stroke off. Love your tales. Hope you share many. Fred

  2. Did you continue to do this when you were older in school, fantasizing about the hot girls in your school and thinking about all the dirty things you'd want to do to them

    1. Yes, every chance I got I was completely naked and would be in public as much as the situation would allow. I fantasized about every female I saw, masturbating to thoughts of what it would be like to fuck them!!!