Monday, May 18, 2009

Girl I've known for a long time stopping by to watch me masturbate!!

I've known Tracy for many years, for the last few years whenever she runs out of money she stops over and "earns" some money by kicking back and watching me masturbate, she wants only $20 an hour and if i try to give her more she won't take it.. We sit and talk, and play board games and have a good time. She is supposed to stop in around nine tonight, I can't wait..
Here is a pic from a previous time she was here and I recorded it with my webcam..
I have a few of these movies if any wants to watch them I will put them on a filesharing server and post a link to them..


  1. I would like to watch them. Are they posted anywhere?

  2. i want to see all videos you have of being watched. i LOVE to be watched as i masturbate. i am lucky to have some female friends who like to watch.