Friday, May 22, 2009

I get so turned on writing these posts!!

Writing the posts gets me so turned on it is difficult to control! I have a couple of ideas about why, but I am not entirely sure. I think part of it is the admitting to the world the details of what is usually a very private activity. Some of it is knowing that everybody may read it, but not knowing who actually is reading these posts. I am able to write about details that i would probably be humiliated or ashamed to tell somebody in person. Shit, I am so fucking on the edge!! My legs are starting to shake, this orgasm is really intense and it is ripping through my body. The girl in porn I have on has almost perfect tits! I am mezmorized by the way they are bouncing up and down as she is getting fucked. Switching hands feels nice but I like turning my hand around so my thumb and forefinger are closest to my body. Oh yeah.. this is a real strong orgasm building up!! I am stroking real slow as I try not to cum. My cock is a little bigger than average both in length and girth and it is a great feeling to slowly stroke up and down the whole thing, right on the edge on the edge of orgasm, pure pleasure flowing over me. I'm going to end this post so I can fully enjoy this for a bit!!

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