Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hotel room adventures

One of the girls that I used to be a regular with around a year ago calls and says she has a new client and he is a sub and to humiliate him I am going to watch her fuck him with her strap-on as I sit there naked and masturbate. She takes me to a motel and tells me sit and keep beating off and she will be back. About five minutes later I she is waving for me to go into a room at the end of the building, I look around, coast is clear, I get out of her suv and walk quickly to the room, my hard cock standing straight up for all the world to see. She tells me to sit in chair and she says I am not beating off fast enough and I am to stroke faster. She makes a bunch of phone calls and schedules several clients for that afternoon. She opens the door and lets in the sub I am to watch her fuck with her strap-on. She has him naked and begging for mercy when she tells him about me watching, he starts to whimper and she grabs him by the top of his head and shoves her strap-on into his mouth. Every time she pulled her dick out of his mouth he pleaded and begged her to not do this to him, she laughed at his cries and told him to stop being such a bitch or she would have me fuck him instead.
She thoroughly humiliated him, fucking him hard, making him beg for more. Making him tell me what a sissy slut he was as she drilling him. When she was done she tossed him and his clothes out the front door...
The motel was built on a hill so the first (and only) floor on one side was the third floor on the other. She made me go sit on the balcony while she took care of some customers, I was terrified as I sat out there jerking off. I had no problems until right before she opened the sliding glass door to let me back in. A girl a few rooms down came out onto her balcony and when she looked around and saw me she asked what I was doing, even though she could see all of me with no problem. I didn't know what to say and started stammering trying to find anything to say. That's when Shannon opened the sliding glass door. She came out and told the neighbor that she made me sit out there and beat off, she then told me to go inside while she sat outside talking to the neighbor for a while longer.
She came in and took a shower and teased me with her incredible body while she put on her makeup and got ready to go to a party. She answered a call and she was talking about the party she was going to, and she looked at me and told the other person she could drop off a circus level masturbating freak for entertainment. I'll tell more in another post...

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