Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I found out that my masturbation as a teen was not private and I was actually watched often.

I found out over the weekend that as a teen when I was in my room and would beat before I went to sleep I could be seen from sun deck on neighbors roof! I thought I was behind my closed door in private and I had louvered windows with the top couple panes being regular glass instead of frosted which allowed great viewing of me on my bed masturbating. The lady who lived in the house I could be seen from said her and my former step mother got a kick out of it and often watched me!! I am so fucking ashamed and humiliated. I don't know who they told or invited over to watch over the course of the almost four years this went on.
Sherri, the lady who lived next door, is still hot, but back then she was smoking fucking hot, her and my step mother.. Sherri's smoking hot daughter was best friends with my step mothers smoking hot daughters and I wonder if they all knew..Until a few months ago it had been almost twenty years since I had seen any of them.
At first I didn't want to believe her but she knew details that no one could know unless they had seen me. She knew how I most often stroked it back then, she knew the positions I used, what I used to clean up after, she knew everything..
I will, of course, post more about how I got back in touch with them, and other sordid tales....

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