Thursday, September 3, 2009

Very drunk step mother and her best friend stop over after bar close!!

Pat, my former step mother, was fucking drunk, and being a fucking bitch. She wanted me to beg her to let me fuck her while I jerked off. So to keep the drunk bitch from going nuts I sat and begged her to fuck me. Even though her friend Sherrie knew i didn't mean it, I was still humiliated. Soon Pat kneeling in front of me playing with her tits, then she wrapped them around my cock and and started tittie fucking me. I was in total shock when she slid her tits down my cock and slid it into her mouth. She was giving a pretty good blow job when she passed out, and by the time I got her laid face down on the couch, her friend Sherri was naked and wanting to fuck!!
I fucked the shit out of her for about an hour and a half when Pat woke up and was upset that we were fucking.. oh well, i didn't care, Sherri is a great fuck, pissing off Pat was just a bonus!! It was about twenty minutes that Pat watched me fuck Sherri real hard.
Pat didn't remember anything that she did earlier and didn't believe us when we told her about tittie fucking me and sucking my cock. Pat was calling Sherri a slut and tramp while she got dressed and then they left. Pat said she wanted me to be her naked slave at her house today, that should be interesting...


  1. damn, i just got a hard on from reading that.