Monday, August 3, 2015

Edging over the years....

At first I would jerk fast till I was pretty close to the edge then slow down a little and when I got to the edge I took my hands off my cock, as it twitched and bobbed. As I got better able to recognize when I was getting close to cumming I started slowing down earlier, this allowed me to not have to let go of my cock entirely, every  time. I still had to stop stroking completely but I could keep my hand wrapped around it sometimes. Doing this reduced the number of ruined orgasms because if I had pushed a little to far I could start stroking again and finish off with a good cum. The combination of getting better at edging and more good orgasms made masturbation much more pleasurable and I began to do it more often.
As a young adult I beat off fairly often, not the everyday, sometimes a few times a day of my teenage years but still several times a week at least. As I got better with the edging and the increase in the pleasure from masturbating I was soon jacking off daily again. As I got better and better with edging the length of my sessions grew longer and longer.
The next big milestone for me was the ability to slow down the stroking instead of totally stopping. As I started being able to slow down I was becoming addicted to how fucking awesome it feels!! I began thinking about masturbation throughout the day, soon if I wasn't jacking off, I was figuring out how I could go and masturbate. I was becoming a totally hand humping, fist fucking, stroker slut!!!

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