Saturday, August 29, 2015

Embracing that my life is totally and completely dedicated to masturbation!!

I spend by far the vast majority of my time masturbating! It is fairly rare when I have to stop, and then I am in a hurry to start beating off again. If I need both hands for something I will get out the Fleshlight and fuck it while I complete that task. I usually am jacking off till fall asleep from exhaustion and then as soon as I wake up I am beating my meat again. I don't ever deny or even hide that I am a permanent, dedicated, full time, solo sexual, compulsive, chronic, and constant masturbation junkie.
I sometimes go days and weeks without cumming and sometimes I cum many times a day. I have many styles and positions that I switch off using. I never get bored or wish I was doing something else, on the contrary I love it more every day!!
I fucking love edging and probably am doing it most of the time, but I also just like the feeling of my hand going up and down my rock hard cock. I like masturbating more than fucking women and am totally ok with it. I am in awe of how it just keeps feeling better and better!! I don't know why I wasn't always this way, I feel like I wasted a large portion of my life by not dedicating my life to masturbation right away when I first started jacking off. At least 20 years that I wasn't constantly jacking off, what the fuck was wrong with me?? I love that I did figure it all out and have found my life's calling. I hopefully still have many years of non-stop masturbation to enjoy!!
I hope every who reads this blog enjoys masturbating, no matter how much they do it!! I think the world would be a much better place if everyone masturbated more!!

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