Friday, November 4, 2011

I get to resume my normal, constant, masturbation schedule!!!!!

My stepmother Pat thought it would be funny to have her underage niece move into my place for the last few months as her parents moved out of state and living with me allowed her to stay in the same high school. Since Wendy was under 18 till yesterday I was unable to masturbate whenever she was home, which was pretty much always. There were a couple of times that I was real close to getting caught!! The neighbors had a lot of fun telling Wendy how much of I love to masturbate, it was embarrasing not just because of her being so young but also because she is EXTREMELY good looking.. She had a lot of fun checking to see what I was doing every few minutes to see if she could catch me masturbating.

She loves to tease me about how much I love to beat off, and how I can't do it because she is there, of course she wears next to nothing using her hot body to drive me absolutely fucking crazy!! To make the mind fuck complete after getting me all worked up with her body she likes to remind me that she is underage and it would be pretty perverted for me to go and masturbate while thinking about her...
Now that she is eighteen I was planning on getting more masturbation time because I don't have to be so paranoid about being caught, but she caught me completely off gaurd when the first words out of her mouth on her birthday were to tell me to she wanted to watch me beat off!! She had a great time teasing and laughing at me as I beat off in front of her. During the course of my performance she made me fuck all of my toys for her. She told me that from now on I am to jack off out in the open, and if she catches me trying to hide my masturbation in any way there will be hell to pay!!
She will be living with me till the end of the year so the next two months should be really interesting!!
I have lots more to tell you all about Wendy so stay tuned!!!


  1. Just thinking about you masturbating in front of your 18 yr old niece is a real turn-on. I was stroking my little dick the whole time I read this post. Can't wait to hear more.

  2. You are going to be in for a bunch of HARD time. Enjoy it for all that it is worth.