Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Forced to sit on bench on public bike path completely naked and beat off!!

The bench was along the inside of a curve in the bike path and it was set back a few feet with the walls coming together so that unless you knew what you were looking for you would miss it, even if you were walking by!! The bike path runs  along a river and the bench was about a mile up the path from where we parked, ans of course I had to be completely naked to whole way to the bench!! I was left
alone at times during the dat but most of the time one of the girls was with me. They had a great time laughing at how embarrased I was and how scared I got whenever someone would go by on the bike path.. There were several times I thought for sure I was going to be caught, but I was there all day and nobody noticed I was sitting there beating off.. Going back to the car around 6:15 there was significantly more people on the bike path than there was in in the morning on the way to the bench.. I was super scared I was going to be caught completely naked on the bike path but we made it to the car without any major incidents..

What happened on the way home is the subject of the next post....

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