Wednesday, November 16, 2011

She made me sit in front of window at night with all the lights on!!

We went to Wendy's friends house and I was put on a bench just inside the large front windows and I was told that I batter not stop jerking off till I was told to!! It was 7:30pm and already dark outside so anyone that looked toward the house would definitely see me! Thankfully the house is in  fairly rural
area with not much traffic going by. The girls went out for the evening leaving me alone in front of the window beating off. When they returned around 3:00am they each had found a fuck buddy and I had to sit and watch them get their brains fucked out while I masturbated..

I was very embarrassed and scared in front of the window, and humiliated jerking off while everyone one else fucked, but it was nothing compared to what they made me do in the morning!! That will be the next post, you'll LOVE IT!!!!


  1. Be truthful now. How many times did you ejaculate before they returned at 3:00 am and then clean up after yourself so they would not know?

  2. You got me, I came three or four times before they returned!!