Friday, September 3, 2010

Stepmom brings home two hot young girls and makes me cum on my face in front of them

Pat walked in with two fucking hot girls in their early twenties. I was close to cumming already and them walking in started to send me over the edge. Pat ordered me not to cum so I stopped stroking to keep from cumming, then she ordered me to keep stroking, hard and fast. As they sat and talked about what a loser I was sitting there beating off, I was barely able to hold back. Pat gets a kick out of making me admit how turned on I am by the girls, I have to tell them what I like most about them. Then I have to talk about which one I like more, and why, as they sat and laughed at me, i was so ashamed. Finally Pat said she wanted me to cum, but I had to cum on my face, i was fucking humiliated as I put my lags up so my cock pointed right at my face and shot my load all of my face. When I sat up cum dripped off my chin, at least I was allowed to get a towel and wipe my face off..

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