Sunday, September 5, 2010

Stepmother turns dom, I am only allowed to call her Master as she takes me for nude walks!!

She has a number of names for me including slave, bitch, fuck toy, jerk boy, stroker, slut, and more.. She has me on a leash quite a lot, last few nights around midnight she has taken me for walks around the neighborhood with nothing on but the collar on my neck and the leash she held. I had to keep my cock hard the whole time as we walked, I was so scared, she would me me get on all fours when a car would pass. She would laugh and talk trash telling me my cock better still be rock hard and tugging the leash  as I crawled along next to her. At one point we had to duck behind someones front hedges to avoid some people walking, I was so fucking scared. She pushed me on my back and started giving me head as the people walked right by us!! As soon as they were gone she stopped sucking my cock, got up and tugged on the leash for me to get up and follow her. I didn't have to touch my cock for at least a block it was so hard from her sucking it!! There were times I had to stroke my cock to keep it hard and times I was so turned on it stayed rock hard all by itself. Master made fun of me no matter what, when I stroking it she teased me for being such a pathetic stroker, when it was hard by itself she humiliated me for liking it so much. I think this is going to be something she makes me do regularly..

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