Thursday, September 30, 2010

Step mother gives me to friend to help cuckold husband

I was put in the back yard around noon and told not to move off the chair I was told to sit on. I sat facing the sliding glass door and beating off until about 5:30pm when the door opened and a mans voice said "Honey, I don't remember anything about us getting a slave..", a stern female voice replied "the slave is for me". The male started to say something when I heard the crack of a whip and the female voice commanded "take off your clothes and go sit next to the slave." He did as he was told, his wife came outside a minute or so later and told him to start jerking off. She told him to look at the size of my cock and made him admit he wished he had a big dick. I looked over and his dick was smaller than my pinky and it was fully erect as he held it between two fingers while rubbing on it. She kept on humiliating him for having such a small dick, admitting he couldn't hope to please her, agreeing that she deserved to get fucked by a big cock, and that he wanted her to be satisfied sexually. She told him to keep jerking his little dickie and to look at and admire mine while he did so. Pretty soon she had him asking me if I would fuck his wife with my big cock and satisfy her like he can't with his little pin prick. She made him kneel in front of me and stroke my cock, making him say how he could see why she would want my cock, and made him tell how he would fuck her if he have a dick worth fucking.. She went into the house and came out almost naked with only some thigh high leather boots on. She sat on a bench then told her husband to sit in a chair so he could watch, she then started sucking on my cock. After a couple of minutes she humiliated hubbie some more telling him how much she loves  to suck on a big cock and how his was so small it wasn't worth trying to suck it.  As she continued to suck my dick she told him about how their relationship was going to be from now on, he was her total little pin prick slave, he had to be nude in the house at all times and of course do whatever she commanded. She told him that she would be fucking who ever she wanted and he would have nothing to say about it so he better get over any issues he has with it.
We fucked for hours, every position we could think of in almost every possible place on the property, in the house, in the back yard, in the garage, back into the house. All the while she made her husband sit close and watch her getting fucked by a real cock. As we get close to the end she tells hubbie he will be cleaning my cum out of her with his tongue, but at the last moment she makes him kneel in front of me and get sprayed all over his face with cum!!

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