Friday, April 4, 2014

Step sister wakes up and catches me staring at her naked body while jacking off!!!

Debbie has a smoking hot body and seeing it naked on my couch, there was no way to do anything except beat off!!! From her blue eyes to those incredible, perky, tits to her thin waist, to her really great ass, and lets not forget her legs!! I was pounding
my fist up and down my rock hard cock when she opened her eyes. It took her a couple of seconds to realize where she was, then she turned her head and saw me masturbating. She sat up lit a cigarette then went and got a beer out of the fridge. She told me I am a total fucking jerk off, and how fucking pathetic I am for beating off to her naked body while she was sleeping.
She said that I did a good job fucking her and that she was surprised a pathetic, loser, chronic masturbator like me could fuck that well! Then she began rubbing her tits together and teasing me for being such a perverted jerk off!!  She laughed out loud at me as she was making fun of the faces I was making while edging and trying not to cum!!
It didn't take her long to drink 4 or 5 beers and make a few phone calls. Every person she called was told the details of what I was doing at that moment, she sent some of them pictures of me beating off!! The last person she talked she made plans to meet at the bar in 20 minutes. As she was getting dressed she made me promise I would only be thinking of her while I jacked off for the rest of the day! She lit another smoke and teased and insulted me for a few minutes before leaving for the bar....

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