Friday, April 4, 2014

Really drunk step sister comes back.. and gets fucked real hard!!!

It was around bar closing time when Debbie came back and she was REALLY drunk. She let me know what a perverted loser she thinks I am, and that her friend thinks I'm a huge jerk off loser also. After insulting me for a while
she asked if I meant it when I said I thought she was smoking fucking hot, I told her that I was absolutely serious. She made me admit how badly I wanted to fuck her, she enjoyed me begging her to fuck a loser like me. As she laughs at me while I fuck my FleshLight real hard.
She takes off her shirt so I can look at her fucking awesome tits, I am instantly ready to cum and she loves how turned on I am!!! She decides to be nice to a loser like me and takes off all of her clothes. Holy shit she has a fucking hot body!!! I am really having problems holding back now, then she tells me to lay on the floor so she can sit on my face!!
She sat on my face for at least an hour as ate the shit out of her pussy and tongue fucked her real good. She came at least two really good times, but I'm pretty sure it was more like three or four times!! When she got off my face she sat on the couch and smoked a cigarette and watched me as I stared at her smoking hot body while fucking my FleshLight. She grabbed a beer from the fridge, sat back down, lit another cigarette and told me to tell her every thing I was thinking about as I stared at her and fucked my FleshLight. So I told her how fucking turned on each part of her body was making me, how fucking bad I wanted to fuck her, how I would fuck her silly, probably fuck her harder than she has ever been fucked!! She laughed as I was admitting all  the details, when she was done with her smoke she said she wanted to hear me beg her to fuck a loser like me. She sat fondling her tits and laughing at me as begged and pleaded her to have sex with me. I thought she was probably just fucking with my head by making me humiliate myself begging for something I would never get. I couldn't believe it when she said that she was willing to let me have the privilege of fucking someone as hot as she is as long as I promised to fuck her REAL HARD!!
She rode my face again but this time she took control of the FleshLight and was pounding my cock into it as she came hard and loud!! She switched from riding my face to riding my cock, rubbing her tits as she fucked me while telling me how lucky I should feel and that I better be grateful for the how awesome it was that she was letting me fuck her. She rode my cock hard and then I had her bend over and I pulled her hair back as I slammed my cock into her real fucking hard. I fucked her hard from behind, and was only getting started. I flipped her over and she spread her legs wide in the air as I pounded her pussy, her fucking tits were bouncing up and down as she moaned and screamed how hard she was cumming AGAIN!!! I grabbed her ankles and held her legs wide open and looked her in the eye as I pounded her harder and harder.
I fucked her super hard, her legs were twitching and shaking, she was screaming out how much she liked my cock!! When I couldn't hold back any longer she told me to cum on her fucking awesome tits, I tried but my aim was a bit off and as I pumped my cock with my fist I shot cum all over her face and hair, I did get some on her tits, but mostly because it dripped off her face!!! She didn't get as mad as I thought she would, she pretty much just wiped off her face and then lit a cigarette. When she finished her smoke she fell asleep on my couch, naked, with cum sill on her hair and chest....

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