Friday, April 4, 2014

Completely wasted step sister returns to get fucked again!!

When she returned later that night Debbie was so fucking drunk she could barely stand up. She sat on the couch and was slurring her words as she told me she might do a loser like me a huge favor and let me fuck her again.
While she is telling this she is taking off her clothes!!! She lays back on the couch, grabs her ankles, pulls them back to her head, pushes them apart so her legs are spread wide open and tells me I better fuck her real good!! So I push my cock into her and start pounding that pussy real fucking hard!! She was moaning and groaning as we switched positions so I could fuck her from behind, I grabbed the hair on the back of her head and pulled back on it real hard as I slammed my cock into her. I fucked her real, real hard as she cried out how hard she was cumming several times!!!
When I couldn't hold it any more she once again told me to cum on her tits, this time there was no mistake as I sprayed cum all over her face!! She wiped some off with her and and then passed out....


  1. a t time my wife was the same but with one of her friends, not with me the masturbator. segaiolo

  2. Love your masturbation lifestyle.