Sunday, December 21, 2014

Step sister brings friend over and watches and records friend fucking my ass!!

I was fucking the shit out of my fleshlight and I looked up as Debbie walked in the front door holding up a video camera recording as she came in. I could feel my face getting red from embarrassment even before I saw Tiffany walk in behind her. I felt utterly humiliated by Tiffany seeing me, and the fear of what they had in store for me was almost to much to take. I pulled out of the fleshlight as Debbie was finishing setting up a little tri-pod and putting the video camera on it, she flashed me a wicked smile and said I better keep on going if I knew what was good for me. So I continued fucking the fleshlight, real good and hard, they teased and mocked me as I moaned about how great it felt. They both opened up a beer to drink and teased and mocked me and made me admit humiliating details about myself. Tiffany asked what made me think it was ok to pick her up and fuck her without telling her what a fucking complete and pathetic jerk off I was, she told me that my step sisters and stepmother told her all kinds of details about my being a lifelong chronic masturbator. She made me admit that I knew she wouldn't have let me fuck her had I told her the truth and that by not telling her it was the same as lying to her. Then she got me to admit that the only way I could get a woman to let me fuck her was if lied to her and pretended to be something different than what I really am. Tiffany was pounding the beers and was pretty drunk about an hour after they arrived. Soon they had me admitting I was a loser for lying to women and that I deserved and needed to be punished for what I had been doing to women. They made me agree that I deserved to be humiliated by them and have it recorded and distributed to everyone and anyone that would watch it. I agreed and looked directly at the camera as I described what a loser jerk off I am, how I lied and deceived women to gain sexual favors and how much I needed and wanted to be humiliated and fucked like a bitch by Tiffany and Debbie. I described how I was ashamed to admit I wanted it so bad and that I hoped they degraded me like the fucking loser bitch jerk off boy that I am and always will be. I then had to beg them to fuck me, beg and promise to do humiliating things, to take it however they wanted me to. I begged to be fucked hard from both ends, I promised I would work both cocks real fucking good!
Debbie was the first one to have her strap-on ready to go and grabbed the hair on the top of my head and made me beg to suck her cock, to promise to suck it like a fucking pro, to give the best head any dick has ever gotten. She shoved her cock in my mouth and went balls deep, laughing as I choked on it. She looked me in the eyes as she fucked my mouth hard, I didn't know if she could tell how much I was loving it. She grabbed her cell phone and took pictures of me sucking her cock, said I looked real cute with her cock in my mouth. Tiffany got ready and came up from behind me and slapped my ass real hard and told me to get ready to be fucked  I bent over more and stuck my ass out like a good bitch and I felt her very large cock slip into my ass. She went balls deep on that first stroke and pushed my face down hard on Debbie's cock as she did. I gagged on the cock being shoved down my throat and they both started laughing at me for it. Tiffany slapped my ass hard as she began pumping my ass good and hard, balls fucking deep, fast and hard!! I was in heaven as they mocked me and used me like a fuck doll. I was the pathetic fuck slut faggot that I was always meant to be, they were just kind enough to show me the truth. I thanked them for what they were doing to me and begged them to give it to me harder. I was too busy enjoying getting the shit fucked out of me to notice that Debbie and Tiffany had been calling and inviting people over to watch them fuck me and that there was probably 15 people, mostly girls, watching me get fucked. They were laughing and mocking and cheering as I worked both of those cocks. Soon I was on my back with my head off the edge getting my face and throat fucked with my legs spread wide open in the air as my ass was being pounded by Debbie. I was so fucking hard and everyone saw how much I was loving what they were doing to me, they started cheering and laughing about how hard I was. Debbie began slapping my cock as she fucked my ass harder, slapping it real hard. I fucking loved it so much I was about to cum!! My cock was throbbing and bouncing and I think it started to pre-cum when someone grabbed it and squeezed it real tight and told me I was not allowed to cum. Someone grabbed my ankles from me and my hands were placed onto two real cocks and I began stroking them, so now I was working four cocks, what a fucking slut I am becoming!!! I was sincere as I begged to have the real dicks working my ass and mouth, I wanted to put my lips on a real cock as suck it like it had never been sucked before. I wanted to prove I am a real fucking cock sucking slut with serious skills!! I could feel one of the cocks in my hand begin to throb so started twisting as I tugged on it, working it real good and soon pulsed and began shooting cum, I pulled it close to me and aimed it at my face as it shot wad after wad onto my face, hair, neck, and chest. The crowd cheered as I got sprayed, then another cock was placed into my hand. It didn't take long till I had jerked off every cock in the room. Debbie was hammering my ass as she began fucking me with the fleshlight, I moaned loudly even with Tiffany's cock fucking my face. Tiffany shoved her cock all the way down my throat and held it there for a while as I choked and gagged, she laughed at me as she pulled it all the way out and took over fucking my ass she made me squeal and beg as she fucked me with the fleshlight while pumping my ass balls deep with her huge cock. I didn't want anyone to know that I really was serious and sincere when I begged for more, I hoped no one would know how much I was really loving this!! Tiffany made me tell everyone what a loser I was, how I lied to get laid, how this is what I really am. I had to look her in the eye and beg forgiveness for lying to her and fucking her when I didn't deserve to. I was admitting that I was the bitch and I needed to get fucked like a whore, slut, bitch, for being such a fucking lame, thinking I was worthy of fucking her. She laid down and made me ride her cock as I jacked mine, I was so fucking close to cumming as she made me shout how much I wanted to get fucked by real cocks, how much of a bitch I really am, that I live for cock now. I was riding her cock up and down and I couldn't hold any longer, I pushed my ass down on her big cock, balls deep and began grinding and jerking super hard. I was moaning that I was going to cum, shouting what a loser I am, how much of a cock hungry cum slut I am, as I felt the orgasm pulse through me, my body convulsed as I began to cum, the first wad spraying up unto my hair, then then next couple spurts landed square on my face as the crowd cheered. I was shaking uncontrollably as I sprayed more cum onto my chin and chest. Debbie grabbed the camera and made me tell how I was nothing but a cum doll and that I needed to have this done to me often. Cum was dripping off me as I admitted to wanting more, to craving cock, to wanting to be showered in cum, I was scared everyone knew that I was being open and honest when I said these humiliating, embarrassing and shameful things directly into the camera as cum dripped off my face and people cheered and clapped. 

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