Sunday, December 21, 2014

After everone leaves a male friend of Debbie's arrives late becaused of work and she get's video of me showing her friend what a slut I am and taking my first real cock!!!

I still had cum on my face as Debbie laughed and teased me as she finished her beer. She was just about done when a friend of hers arrived and said he couldn't get out of work. She made me describe what had happened to me when a evil grin shot across her face and she gabbed the camera and began recording as she mad me admit I wanted and needed cock. That I wanted his cock, right then and there, that I would work it real good. I was soon begging him to be my first real cock, to show him what a slut I was already!! He took off his clothes and slapped my face with his big fat cock. He slapped my face as he called me a bitch, his bitch!! Rubbed it all over my face making me beg for it, he grabbed my hair and slid my mouth over the length of his huge cock. He held my head as I licked and sucked on the head of his cock. Slowly he let me put more and more into my mouth, as I worked on his cock like a fucking pro sucking and licking and sliding up and down and twisting as I did. Fuck yes I was loving the feeling of his cock twitching as I sucked and licked it, he was moaning lightly as I continued working his cock with my mouth, Debbie teasing and taunting me as she recorded every second of it. I was the fucking whore slut I always knew I could be!! I loved every humiliating second of it!!!
I'll post more about this later.......

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