Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Payback, I am forced to let step sister fuck my ass in front of everyone at a party!!

I knew I was in trouble when my step mother Pat walked in the door, the look on her face worried me. She brought two young women with her and introduced me by pointing at me and saying "this is the loser jerk off that is the star of tonight's show". I was fucking my FleshLight and Pat had the girls sit and watch for a while. She told them all about me
as they watched me beating off like there was no tomorrow. The girls found my history as a chronic masturbator fucking hilarious and laughed in my face about it. They teased and watched for about an hour when I was told I was going with them to a "friends" house. Of course I was completely nude the whole time!!
When we got to the house there were a lot of cars parked in the driveway, on the street and I could see it looked like a fairly decent sized crowd in the house. Pat led me to the back yard and had me stand on a little platform and jack off. People started hurling insults and laughing and cheering as I stood there and masturbated. After about fifteen minutes Pat came back and told me that my sister was going to get some payback and that's why I was there. My sister came walking over with a big strap on swinging between her legs and slid the dildo into my mouth. She slowly began fucking my face as the crowd laughed and cheered!! She looked me in the eyes and said she was going to enjoy fucking me in the ass as she shoved her cock deep into my mouth! Pat told me I better act like this was the best fucking fuck I've ever had and had me get on my hands and knees. I felt a couple drops of lube hit my ass then she pressed the tip of her cock on my asshole, pulled on the back of my hair, and slid it all the way in. It felt like it was going to come poking out of my mouth and the crowd started cheering her on. She slapped my ass hard and loudly said "You fucking want this, don't you?". I yelled out "YES, yes, I want this bad!" and she started fucking me harder. It wasn't long till I was told to get on my back, grab my ankles, and spread my legs wide for her. She looked me in the eye as she continued fucking my ass, I was so ashamed and humiliated not just because i was getting fucked, but also because I was getting fucked in front of a crowd of people. She asked me "how much do you love this", "how bad do you want it all", and "who's ass gets fucked?", I moaned loudly in response "please give it all to me", "I need this sooo bad", and "I'm the bitch who's ass gets fucked". She was fucking me hard, going balls deep into my ass, as I moaned and groaned like it was the best fuck I've ever had. The crowd was about evenly split between those calling me a faggot and those just cheering her on, I could feel my face was bright red from humiliation as all these people watched me get fucked in the ass.
It was after a few minutes of holding my legs open and getting fucked in the ass that I noticed that my cock was rock fucking hard. My sister noticed about the same time and began teasing me because of it. She grabbed my cock and began stroking it hard and fast while she pounded my ass mercilessly. Pretty soon she grabbed my ankles and spread my legs wide open and had me grab my cock and start jerking it. She had a great time making me admit what I a complete and total loser jerk off I am, while jerking my cock as she fucked my ass! Soon I was getting close to cumming and she wanted me to shout it out so everyone could hear. As I was about to cum she pushed my ankles up over my shoulders, folding me in half and aiming my cock at my face. When I came I shot huge loads all over my face, chest, and hair. She pulled her cock out of my ass, smiled as she winked at me and said that she was going to do this to me some more.


  1. with so many people watching, the humiliation would get me to have a terrific orgasm. mmmmmm segaiolo

  2. That sounds so amazing. Getting strapon fucked in the ass then getting a handjob in front of a whole crowd of people. Then to suddenly be made to cum all over yourself must make the humiliation so orgasmic.

    1. It was a fucking amazing experience to be humiliated in front of a crowd of people like that!! The fact that she is so fucking hot made it even more humiliating!!!!